GUEST SPOT #57 - Motörhead - 'R.A.M.O.N.E.S.'

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Motörhead - R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (1991)

Gabba Gabba Who?

I was at Virgin Records HQ one evening in the early 1990s, attending an album launch party for a long-since forgotten generic pop act - beer in hand, wearing a Ramones t-shirt and leather jacket. A lady from the record company in her mid-20s, champagne in hand, schmoozed her way around the gathered throng of fellow record store managers and buyers, telling all and sundry how great the band were and how huge they were going to be. She reached me and asked what I thought of the album, which was by now blasting through the room at ear-splitting volume. 'Unutterable shite' I thought. 'Great' I said. She seemed happy enough with that, but as she moved away she turned back, pointed at my t-shirt and said,'By the way, what is ram, ones?'. Ram...pause...ones, as in the number one. She was serious. 'Ramones..,' I said, suppressing the urge to pour my beer over her perfectly coiffured head, ' of the most important bands of all-time?'
Her eyes glazed. She looked through me as if I'd suddenly started talking in a foreign language and wandered off. I had clearly lost her. I was incandescent. I mean, how can you occupy even a minor position within the record industry and not have at least heard of The Ramones? Specially as they were still a going concern at the time! I necked my beer and left the party early.

If only I could have had Lemmy on hand to spell it out for her.

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Shell Hunter said...

Excellent story TS and thanks for the post! Why is it the people who deserve music industry jobs and those that would relish doing them don't get them?! I'm still bitter about never getting a Saturday job in HMV or Our Price. I even would have stooped to MVC!
Great song too, Motörhead always make me feel like running really fast, such energy!

C said...

Brilliant story, but oh did it make me cringe!
I have a pretty strong feeling I can speak for you too if I say that at least WE didn't get our jobs in record shops purely for an ability to schmooze or to press the right keys on a cash till...?!

(Who's that Lemmy geezer btw?)

Singing Bear said...

Hahahahahaha! The music industry is full on complete imbeciles and you certainly had the misfortune to run into one such there. She's provided you with a great story, though. :) Great, great song.

You have to laugh...but saying that I thought Indie music was all about drumming...even Old Pa somtimes has to stand naked???

The Swede said...

Thanks for posting (& commenting on) my little tale chums. I was still seething in the shop the following day and ranted about the incident to any customer who would care to listen! Most of them, quite rightly, found my indignation very amusing!

Great story, and despite my knowledge of Motörhead consiting of Ace Of Spades, I have to say I like it.
I wonder what she is doing now ??? Hopefully nowhere near the music business