Sunday, 3 March 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 03/03/13 - Fyfe, Elbow, Rick Redbeard, Cat Power, Josephine

Five tracks that were worth an Oscar in our eyes...Got any winners for us?

Shell Hunter:-
Josephine - 'Portrait' (2013)

After a long shift at work being subjected to the thumping repetitiveness that is Kiss FM, I heard this little beauty from John Kennedy's Xposure show which I normally catch at that time of night. In the darkness driving home, I turned it up and the stresses of the day slowly disappeared. By the time the song was over, I realised I had studied the lyrics so hard, I was a bit teary! I haven't been reduced to tears by a song since 'John Taylor's Month Away' by King Creosote (see the song here) last year! I thought Josephine Oniyama sounded slightly like Grace Slick or Joan Baez in the nostalgia that she brings through her voice. Well needless to say, I immediately listened to her album also titled 'Portrait' which was released at the end of last year. I enjoyed it and her voice really took centre stage. She'll be big. Sign up to her mailing list or get news on her current tour with Paloma Faith here.

London Scouser:-
Elbow- 'Running To Standstill' (2009)

Although not a new release, I felt that I had to include it here. It was originally recorded for the 2009 Warchild album Heroes, but has now been included on 'War Child 20: The Best Of' celebrating 20 years since the charity started. A cover of a U2 album track (The Joshua Tree) it gives me absolute chills whenever I hear it. It was my track of the year when it first came out, and thanks to the new album release, I get to hear it again. I dare anyone not to like it.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Rick Redbeard - Kelvin Grove (2013)

This is a version of a Traditional Scottish Ballad  Kelvin Grove and I just love this one by Rick Redbeard from the album No Selfish Heart (2013)

Rick Redbeard’s  aka Rick Anthony, the lead singer with The Phantom Band.  This is his debut solo album and is a collection of beautiful, melancholy, spartan folk, I am enjoying this one at the moment, quality stuff indeed, but an acquired taste I will have to say.  My folk roots shining through.

'Should I fall midst battle's roar, bonnie lassie, O'

Fyfe - St Tropez (2013)

There is no self-tanning here, just musical sunshine in the form of a tribute to the playground town on the French Riviera. Fyfe is the new solo project of 23-year-old Paul Dixon, who used to record as David's Lyre. With comparisons made with Miike Snow, I can hear a little bit of Two Door Cinema Club, it's worth checking out this and Solace on Soundcloud.

Cat Power - Manhattan (2013)

I love New York, I do. Ever since I walked out on 5th Avenue to be confronted by the Empire State Building, I've been smitten. Next week Shell Hunter and London Scouser will take Manhattan for their joint birthdays, which they share on the same day, density or what? I'm green with envy but excited for them at the same time, forgedaboudit. I'm a bit of a late comer to the prowess of Cat Power and 'Manhattan' is the latest single and my favourite track from last year's excellent 'Sun' album. It has also been remixed by DJ Ryan Hemsworth featuring a verse from potty mouth NY rapper Angel Haze, I'm a fan of both but the mix, I feel, takes away the atmospheric 'I'm walking down Broadway in the rain' feel to the original.

I love you Chan Marshall!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 03/03/13 - Fyfe, Elbow, Rick Redbeard, Cat Power, Josephine
4/ 5


3 March 2013 at 10:24

5 Absolute crackers.

SH - Nostalgic, classy and I could easily imagine Dusty Springfield singing this. nice.
LS - First time I've heard this and it does send a chill up the back
OP - Love it, bonnie lassie, O
FC - I love Chan Marshall also

3 March 2013 at 17:08

SH - chicken skin, fabulous will have to hear more hope its not a let down...this is so good! Yes! Dusty could have killed it!
LS - always had my doubts with The big E. but hearing this again. Just class, just more chicken skin! I have had a few beers and I am not going to listen to any more TOTW as I will probably have to go to bed in pleasure.
SFW - this is good but needs a bit of work I think..repeated listens are the name...maybe Duftown for a group would be good (my aunt came from there)
FC - oh! the power of the Cat...agree was one of the best on the album...she does great Dylan covers too!

4 March 2013 at 08:49

Cat Power and Rick Redbeard are both very good, but plaudits to Shell Hunter this week for bringing Josephine to our attention - wonderful stuff. Never heard of her, but I'll be checking out more. Nice vid too.

10 March 2013 at 13:56

SH - I agree with the comments, a truly great song. What a find.
OP - Not my cup of tea, but I'll raise a wee glass up for you nonetheless.
SFW - Not the worst thing I've heard, but may take a few listens.
FC - I like this one, and the intro sounds like Rat Trap by The Boomtown Rats, which ain't a bad thing.

And the winner is... Josephine, by a country mile

4 April 2013 at 19:14

SH, what a fabulous song that is, real melancholy in there. Nice flat!

LS, yep stunning track from one of my longtime favourite bands. It was also really nice to hear the Warchild album again, some excellent tracks.

Sfw, good first time round, like the brass section.

Old Pa, I couldn't listen to yours unfortunately.