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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 21/04/13 - Kurt Vile, Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Besnard Lakes

Four tracks...that picked up Maggies funeral

Queens of the Stone Age - My God Is The Sun (2013)

Queens of the Stone Age are back with their no nonsense Rock. This track features on their new album, ...Like Clockwork, which is released in June. ...Like Clockwork sees the welcome return of Dave Grohl (drums) and also features contributions from Trent Reznor, Elton John, Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears, Alex Turner, James Lavelle and former QOTSA members Mark Lanegan and Nick Oliveri. RAWK!!

Kurt Vile - 'Wakin on a Pretty Day' (2013)

This is an absolutely stunning song from Kurt Vile's equally sensational album, 'Wakin on a Pretty Daze', released earlier this month. It's on heavy rotation at the moment and this, the first single from it is currently my record of the year. It just reminds me of a great few days with the folks in Brighton and the wonderful weather we finally had this weekend. I dismissed him last year, foolishly it seems despite rave reviews and on this performance I will be checking out his back catalogue, to see what I've been missing fo sho'.

What a lucky boy I've been, three incredible albums all in the space of a month, John Grant, Owiny Sigoma Band and now Kurt Vile.

Kurt Vile's website here....

Shell Hunter:-
The Besnard Lakes - 'People Of The Sticks' (2013)

There's nothing more enjoyable than picking up a copy of Metro on the Tube whilst on your way home from London the morning after the night before and the hour long journey seeming like only a few minutes. I was flicking through the music section and saw a mini interview with the lead singer from Bastille saying he was really into The Besnard Lakes at the moment. I had seen the name around quite a lot and the first time I read it, I did a double take as I thought it said The Barenaked Ladies! I decided to give them a whirl and I've been genuinely impressed. Its ideal for the sunny weather and milling around the garden as I did yesterday afternoon. Canadian husband and wife tag team formed the band back in 2003 and now have 4 albums under their belt as well as numerous film scores. On first listen I got dreamy hints of Echobelly or even Mazzy Star and I know I'll be playing new album 'Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO' frequently this summer. 

London Scouser:-
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 'Let The Day Begin' (2013)

I was a big fan of BRMC when they first came on the scene with excellent tracks like 'Spread Your Love' & 'Love Burns' but after their debut album I stopped giving them my full attention. I next saw them pop up in the 'Don't watch with your Granny' film 9 Songs. Fast forward a number of years to 2013 and I was looking on Spotify at their 'What's New' option and I saw that they had a new album out so I thought what they hey, let's give it a try. Immediately I was drawn to the second track. I don't play guitar but I imagine if I did I would enjoy the riffage of this. (sfw please confirm or deny). Initially I wasn't aware that it was a cover (did I mention I like covers ??) I don't know the original or the band whose song it is. I've since found out its by The Call and their lead singer is the dad of BRMC's lead singer. So I guess at least the royalties stay within the family.

Old Pa's Corner :-
Old Pa's is currently on holiday and notoriously doesn't play well away from home. This time round he's struggling with his new Nexus and as a result of being incompetent with new technology, is unable to provide us with a track.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 21/04/13 - Kurt Vile, Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Besnard Lakes
4/ 5


23 April 2013 at 11:21

Sfw - what's not to like?! Look forward to hearing the album
Fly - great song with a lovely feel. Enjoyed the first listen to the album, they'll definitely be some growers there. Mesmerising video, something quite satisfying about colouring in the lines.
LS - good riffage indeed! Like this and I fancy checking out the original for comparison purposes

25 April 2013 at 20:00

Sfw, QOTSA, great to have them back and I'm genuinely excited about the album. Josh Holme definitely has one of the best rock voices.

LS, this is really good, nice riffage as u say. I kind of dismissed them since their debut but I have been impressed by the previous single.

SH, I love this and I'm gonna be all over this! Husband and wife? Who are the hair bear bunch in the great video?

30 April 2013 at 14:58

FC - what a great track, the soundtrack to my visit to the UK and a great album
SFW - you can't go wrong with the QOTSA and that drumming is a highlight
SH - well ain't that strange...I have heard the name a few times and meant to check them out and I also love finding a copy of the Metro on a Tube journey....I don't know where you get it?
LS - They never did fullfill the potential, but this is alright'
NERD ALERT - The Call come from Santa Cruz