Thursday, 11 April 2013

Owiny Sigoma Band - 'Magret Aloor' / 'Nyiduonge Drums'

Owiny Sigoma Band - 'Magret Aloor' (2013)

Jambo! This fantastic track is taken from the Nairobi/London Owiny Sigoma Band's latest album, Power Punch, released last week. They continue on from their impressive 2011 self-titled debut, with their blend of Afro psychedelia but the soundclash of traditional Kenyan music with electro, rock and dub is more assured, a band confident with their sound as the title suggests. Power Punch is a brilliant and innovative record, that's two contenders for album of the year in the space of a week for me (John Grant's 'Pale Green Ghosts' being the other). The perfect soundtrack to sizzling your sausages on a BBQ this summer or sizzling yourself on a sunbed sipping a cheeky cocktail.

Read about them on a previous post here, performing a live version of their excellent 2011 track 'Wires'.

On the subject of Kenya, I have danced with the mighty Masai warriors. Unfortunately it wasn't a victory dance, accepting me into the tribe as one of their own, after a successful hunt and kill on the plains of the Serengeti. It was more an embarrassingly feeble jig after being reluctantly hauled up on stage at the hotel's evening entertainment whilst holidaying in Mombasa. I hate all that participation nonsense and I was sure I positioned myself strategically so that I would not be found, but the expert hunters found their prey alright.

Hmmm where were the Owiny Sigoma Band back then! If you didn't move to 'Magret Aloor' then this will have you mashing up the dancefloor, 'Nyiduonge Drums' is the 'B' side to their first single taken from Power Punch, 'Owiny Techno'.

Owiny Sigoma Band - 'Nyiduonge Drums' (2013)

Grab your copy of their album at Brownswood Recordings.

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Owiny Sigoma Band - 'Magret Aloor' / 'Nyiduonge Drums'
4/ 5


18 April 2013 at 08:29

I picked up their last album on your recommendation following the 'Wires' post and wasn't disappointed. I'll be tracking down this one too. thanks for the nod.

18 April 2013 at 09:07

Do it! It's a better album and one of my favourites if the year.

23 April 2013 at 16:48

This is brilliant stuff both track are knock out....after hearing the is a GRABBER!