Thursday, 30 May 2013

DYLAN COVERS # 101 Freewheelin Covered Side 2

Here is the second side of  'The Freewheelin'  covered, to celebrate #100 'Dylan Covers'
I'm still bleeding freezing!

JOHNNY CASH - Don't think twice its Alright

Yet another classic, I have gone for this version by Johnny Cash recorded at the 1964 Newport Folk Festival a year before the historical electric entrance by Dylan. Johnny gets the nod due to his close assosiation with Bob during the sixties.

Martin Carthy 2nd from left

MARTIN CARTHY - Bob Dylan's Dream

There are several good versions of this fabulous song of nostagia. But I just had to go for Martin Carthy who had I suppose, had as much a contibution as anybody on the many brilliant songs which had been the result of Dylan's vist to the U.K. in 1962. Martin had taught Bob many of the old traditional British ballads.

Dylan adapted these traditional tunes in his own way to be the classics they are recognised now to be. Some might say he copied the tunes. I say he he used what was available and what had been his influences to come up with somthing magic and wonderful. What do you think?.

This is another track from that superb 'The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - A Folk Tribute concert, highlighted in side 1 . I have also taken, Talkin World 3 Blues and I Shall be Free from that same concert. These are about the best I can find of these rarely covered songs

  RICHIE HAVENS - Oxford Town

Here is another song which is not covered too often. I like this take by the great late Mr Richie Havens. It can be found on his album My Own Way.

BILLY BRAGG - Talking World War 3 Blues

This is a nice cover by the Bard and again from the fabulous Freewheelin' Concert. I wish I was there. It sounded like a great evening.

 'I wana be in your dream Billy!!'

MUDDY WATERS - Corrina Corrina

This is an old traditional song which Dylan adapted and I have gone for a Muddy Waters live rendition. Take it Muddy

HENRY THOMAS - Honey, just (won't you) allow me one more Chance (1928)

I choose this as really it does not take too much to work out where Bob got the idea from. OK he changed the title around a bit and added some more lyrics but basically the song is much the same. Old Henry gets the nod!

RAB NOAKES - I shall be free

This is an excellent version by one of my old folk day heroes Rab Noakes, he is accompanied by another folk ledgend Fraser Spiers who plays harmonica.  For a great Rab rendition of Mississippi  just click.

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DYLAN COVERS # 101 Freewheelin Covered Side 2
4/ 5


30 May 2013 at 20:54

Some fascinating versions here. My vote for the best goes to Martin Carthy and Rab Noakes. I've never heard either of these before. Of course, the version of 'Corrina' by Muddy is wonderful and the Henry Thomas original of 'Honey' always a joy. Must say I don't like Billy Bragg's attempt at 'Taking WW3' - sounds a mess to my ears and, for some reason, although I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan, I have never liked any Dylan cover he's ever done. Richie Havens - what a guy.

31 May 2013 at 13:08

SB - I agree just love the Martin Carthy one

1 June 2013 at 08:25

Very nice indeed, lots of great versions. If I had to plump for one it would have to be Martin Carthy - so full of aching nostalgia and regret, wonderful. This is the second time I've heard the Billy Bragg selection and I've enjoyed them on both occasions, though it's certainly not something I could listen to everyday.

I hear what SB is saying about Johnny Cash and would agree to an extent, but let's not forget 'Wanted Man'.

1 June 2013 at 09:23

TS yes that MC version is a standout....i don't really have a problem with Johnny C his versions are OK, I do like Wanted Man 'tho.
The Freewheelin' Concert is really good and worth hearing...if you can't find it I can sent you a copy