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FRONT ROW CENTRE - Chase And Status - 'No Problem'

You've listened to the loved the you absolutely have to see them live...

Chase and Status - 'No Problem' (2011)

 iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, Camden on July 28, 2011

For music lovers out there, the ultimate thing to do is to see your favourite artist or group live on stage. Now, I go to a lot of concerts and for me the whole evening is an experience. Living just outside of London means it's a dreaded disgracefully long trek but it is such an amazing place, not only for music but for a night out so its worth it. Sprinkled with individual bars and restaurants hidden in every corner, it makes for a far more memorable experience! To save you hassling around, see my Gig Watch tips below! This is not a normal gig review, this is my experience.

I was over the moon when London Scouser told me he'd won some itunes Festival tickets a couple of years ago, but when he told me who we would be seeing I was a little disappointed. I loved one track I'd heard from Chase and Status, in fact 'Blind Faith' was one of my top 5 songs of 2011, but to be honest, I wasn't into the Dubstep hype at the time. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth I thought, so I put on their latest album in the car on repeat a couple of times and sure enough, I got into them and was looking forward to seeing them at my favourite venue in London, the Roundhouse!

I remember it was a scorcher of a day and there is nothing better than milling around Camden in the sunshine! A few preconcert bevvies sitting by Camden Lock at the Lloyds bar then a fab pizza at La Porchetta which is right opposite the venue. We sat at an outside table in the sun smugly watching all the people queueing outside the Roundhouse, in the hope of getting a ticket. Gutted!

Once in the venue, we watched the beginning of Nero, but they weren't really our cup of tea, plus the Roundhouse has a bar with an open terrace, bonus! By the time it was time for Chase and Status to come on, the buzz was electrifying, as you can see from the live video below, the build up was immense (start it at 1:30)! I'll never forget this concert, the way the voodoo face of 'No Problem' (one of the highlights of album No More Idols) appeared on the screen in its neon colouring. As soon as the beat dropped, the whole place erupted. I've never been to a rave or any of those mega clubs in Ibiza, but the feeling was intense. It felt like my heart beat was being controlled by the bass and I don't think my feet physically touched the floor for the majority of the concert! The whole performance was full of contagious energy and at moments I was so overwhelmed, I was laughing out loud. Another absolute highlight was when Liam Bailey came out an did Blind Faith, superb.

Gig watch (everything you need to know!)
Support Act: Nero
Recommended Restuarant: La Porchetta
Recommended Pub: The Ice Wharf Lloyds Bar, Camden Lock

All photos taken by and Copyright of K.Bazeley

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FRONT ROW CENTRE - Chase And Status - 'No Problem'
4/ 5


19 May 2013 at 09:21

Perfect the restaurent and bar recommendations...I think you have found your new vocation...feet not touching the ground....mmmmh!