DYLAN COVERS # 105 Nob Dylan and his Nobsoletes - Desolation Twist/I wanna be Your Lover

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Bobby is a Punk rocker!
NOB DYLAN AND HIS NOBSOLETES - I wanna be Your Lover (2008)

If you have never heard of this before, you may well think that with a name like NOB DYLAN AND HIS NOBSOLETES  you are going to listen to some sort of silly joke. But don't be fooled, the album  Positively 12 stiff Dylans (2008)  is rather good and has some great moments. Dylan done in a punk way. I love it. It's fun.

Don't be put off, give it a try, let me know what you think.   

NOB DYLAN AND HIS NOBSOLETES - Desolation Twist (2008)

Click here for album review and info about Nob himself.


The Swede said...

This kind of approach may not be to everyone's taste, but I enjoyed these versions tremendously. 'I wanna Be Your Lover' would seem an obvious choice for this band, but extra points go to them for applying their raw technique to such an unlikely selection as 'Desolation Row'. Nice find Old Pa!

TS - i got hold of 55 Dylan covers albums on Ebay for £77 and this gem was amongst them....the same guy sold 99 other Cds a few weeks before and I missed it....yiou may think I am sad (Old Ma does) but several of the 55 are worth over £30 for starters...wish I got hold of the other 99

The Swede said...

I saw that listing! Nice one Old Pa, I look forward to hearing more tunes from your winning haul.

C said...

Interesting and fun! - I echo The Swede: perfect for some punky treatment. Mind you - I've (nearly) always preferred covers of Dylan songs to his originals! (and I hope you'll still talk to me after saying that?!)

C - this is in fact quite a serious offence and as a punishment (thrill) you must listen to the full version of Desolation Row with ear phones on. This will surely convert you forever and a fortnight. 'Cinderella she seemed so easy'

Singing Bear said...

Sounds like you've found (almost) the mother lode in Dylan covers with your eBay discoveries. Can't wait to hear the results. This Nob fellow has done a fair job.

SB - I had most of them but it was well worth while...mother lode...well i don't know...I am begining to bore myself...it's getting like Bob Boots...it takes over and its silly...but i'm silly I suppose.