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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 30/06/13 - Holy Ghost, Pixies, Black Sabbath, Fat Freddy's Drop, Caveman

Missed out on Glastonbury again? Don't worry, here's five tracks that were like eating falafel in our wellies this week and that's a good thing...

Shell Hunter:-
Pixies - 'Bagboy' (2013)

Boy, I never thought I'd hear a new Pixies single. Its been 9 years since they released any new material! I heard the announcement on the radio but got out of the car before they played it. I managed to find a little corner at work to play the YouTube video of a spotty oik smashing the place up and I really like it! I can't promise it'll be up there with the classics but its refreshing to hear a modern take of what makes the Pixies stand out. It sounds like its straight out of the 90s with its almost Faith No More guitar and beat assemble and Francis Black does the Talking Heads style shout really well. Its a little funkier than I remember them but I can welcome change.

Freebie Alert! Download the track from their official site here!
Old Pa's Corner :-
Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird (2013)

Don't know what it is but I seem to be listening to a lot of I suppose what you call chill. This is another one of theses tracks like my last weeks selection by Jon Hopkins that you can have on repeat and you will not get bored of it.  It has a nice laid back reggae dubby feel, if you know what I mean.

FFD are a New Zealand band and I am sure it was Flycasual who introduced them to me a good few years back. I have not really kept up with them, but after hearing several tracks from their new album Blackbird (2013). It is time for catch up.

London Scouser:-
Black Sabbath - 'God Is Dead?' (2013)

There's not much I could say about Ozzy and the Sabbath that hasn't been written many times over. Suffice to say, they're back with a new album called '13'. They've recruited former Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk and sound pretty damned tight.
I was watching Goldmember (Austin Powers 3) the other day and 'The Osbourne's' had cameo roles, I still can't believe the same guy who almost mumbles incoherently when he talks can sing so amazingly.....
Ozzy rocks..... Nuff said

Caveman - 'In the city' (2013)

'In The City' is a sonic masterpiece that shimmers away in the background and has the ability to teleport your ears anywhere. Its heavy synth, constant beat and vocals that remind me any 1980's movie that featured Emilo Estevez, Rob Lowe and any other 'brat pack' members. So clench your fist, put on a leather jacket and enjoy!

Holy Ghost - 'Dumb Disco Ideas' (2013)

It has been a good summer for robots and disco so far, with Daft Punk and co nailing an absolute dance classic. So up step Brooklyn's Holy Ghost with their new single taken from their second album, Dynamics, out later this year. For fans of future disco, cowbells and singing droids, this is a great catchy track to get your C3-P-on.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 30/06/13 - Holy Ghost, Pixies, Black Sabbath, Fat Freddy's Drop, Caveman
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1 July 2013 at 15:32

SH, someone is going to get a big row when mum and dad get back! A different sound than what I was expecting but very welcome nonetheless. Oh hang on was that someone tied up at the end? More violence....

Old Pa, I'm a big fan of Fat Freddy, I'm hoping to see them on Oct 1. I remember you telling me that they were 'Reggae Lite'. Great track and album, u beat me to it as I was going to put this on my Totw next week.

LS, holy shitbags this totally rocks! Didn't expect that at all! I suppose it's is Black Sabbath but Ozzy? He can hardly speak/stand. Nice!

Sfw, that's two in row, Kins and now this. Love the Emilio Estevez reference! Another violent video....

2 July 2013 at 09:28

SH - much as i love FB not sure about this....but will most certainly listen to the album...
LS - I quite enjoyed this...very surprising
SFW - did not like this a first but it sort of caught up with me
FC - Michele Friendly....Olp Pa too