WEDNESDAY CLUB - U Roy - Natty Rebel

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U ROY - Natty Rebel

I first heard this on a sampler L.P. given away free with the NME way back in the mid seventies. It enhanced my already love affair with reggae. I still think it is the best possible introduction to Reggae and their are still various CD versions currently available. It should be made compulsory to listen to it in  Schools.

It reminds me of a trip I had over in the UK with Flycasual we were coming back from Inverness and had a few hours to kill before catching a flight back to Jeddah so we decided to go to HMV in Oxford Street and get the supplies to bring back. I bought several reggae albums including U-Roy's Natty Rebel. album . Brilliant stuff.

It was coming back in the Tube to Heathrow that I will always remember. At a stop this guy got on and sat opposite us and he had the biggest nose you have ever see. It was a hooter to die for, Cyrano De Bergerac would have swooned. That guy would never ever be able to tell a lie.

I know it was cruel and all that, but I turned to Flycasual and said, ' It's a shame about the ears'  that was it!  he burst out laughing, I burst out laughing, we could not control it, the more we tried to subdue it, the worse it got. I only hope that the poor lad did not realise that his massive conk was the reason for our hilarity.

You should be ashamed of yourself Old Pa.!!


Singing Bear said...

Tremendous tune, sir. Reggae in schools - yes, as long as it's big on Roots and doesn't fail to praise Yabby You.

Shameful noseist behaviour.

flycasual said...

That's hilarious! A father should lead by example, perhaps poor on morale code but excellent on an education in Reggae. An amazing song.

SB - I canot get into your says I have not been invited....have I been banned?

The Swede said...

Magnificent tune from the mighty U-Roy and a very funny tale Old Pa.

Singing Bear said...

How could I ban you, sir? If it wasn't for you and The Swede I'd have given up and gone home ages ago. Just a bizarre blip.

SB in the words of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush duetting .......