Thursday, 18 July 2013

GIVE ME A GUITAR - Slipknot - 'Psychosocial'

Tired of squirrels munching on your nuts? Give me a guitar (and a trowel) it's time for some guerrilla gardening...

Slipknot - 'Psychosocial' (2008)

Apparently, according to the short sighted Neanderthals at my work, gardening is for 'fruity old farts', oh but they are so wrong. What they don't realise is that it is so Rock N Roll, I wage chemical warfare on molluscs, rub mud on my face, dig holes, walk into spider webs, play with worms and I get to grow peculiar exotic plants, like the Voodoo Lilly. I've been growing this particular plant, which is indigenous to parts of the Med, for about 5 years but frustratingly it's never flowered, until now. I've really been looking forward to seeing it happen as not only is it a striking flower, which sadly only lasts approximately 3 days, but more importantly for it's apparent scent which mimics rotting meat. Especially charming as this attracts flies and the like to a pollen party on it's pistil, and does it smell, one sniff had me reeling, the odour staying with me all day, psychosocial indeed! I remember reading about some gardener saying that it was akin to putting several dead mice in a plastic bag and taking a whiff after a few days....I think I am more worried about how he'd actually know that.

You can't blame the dog!
So it's perfect for playing tricks on your wife/son/mother in law...."come here and have little smell of this beauty" or in the event of the undead rising, you can easily blend in by rubbing a little of this plant on yourself for some serious zombie aftershave. If Metal music was a plant then the Voodoo Lily would be it !

Smell you later!
I've never really been a fan of Slipknot or masks for that matter but I'm a bit partial to some Metal, the heavier the better and this track knocked me out like the scent of a thousand Voodoo lilies. Taken from Slipknot's fourth album, All Hope Is Gone, with all the riffs in the right places and harder than Steven Segal, it was one of my favourite tracks of 2008. Slipknot lost their bassist to an overdose in 2010 and took a hiatus but all gardening fans rejoice as they recently headlined the 2013 Download festival and they are currently putting some demos together for a fifth album, take that Titmarch!

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GIVE ME A GUITAR - Slipknot - 'Psychosocial'
4/ 5


18 July 2013 at 10:35

Brilliant Post...especialy come and smell this little beauty and Zombie aftershave...straight out of the Old Pa's lets get a cheap laugh song book

18 July 2013 at 10:58

Great post Titmarsh! It must be a good thing that it rarely flowers, if it did you may have the "Boys in Blue" round searching the house for dead bodies.

Also, I hope it's not planted near the BBQ

21 July 2013 at 09:04

I remember you really digging this when it came out. Coincidentally I've just seen their Download performance of the song. Proper rawk