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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 21/07/13 - Ty, Jerry Garcia, Scroobius Pip, Mazzy Star

Four tracks that were like sizzling chipolatas on the BBQ....mmmmm

Ty - 'Let's Start' (2013)

I used to be heavily into UK Hip Hop (Lewis Parker, Jehst, Mark B and Blade etc) a number of years back but for some reason I sort of lost touch with it. Ty was one of them, his 2003 album Upwards especially, reminding me of the Native Tongues (De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest) in style as does his latest single, 'Let's Start' which is taken from the Londoner's Kick Snare and an Idea pt2 EP released in June. I caught it on the radio a couple of weeks back and realised what I've been missing as Ty sounds fresher than the average bear!

Read more on Ty and Tru-Thoughts records....word!

Shell Hunter:-

Our girl at Latitude....

Old Pa's Corner:-
Gerry Garcia - It Stoned Me (2013)


This is fantastic track from Gerry Garcia's new album Gerry Garcia Live Vol 2. It was a live concert from 1990. It is the fabulous  It stoned Me,  Van Morrison's ode to growing up from his  Moondance album.
I just love the almost spiritual, gospel feel to it and Gerry Garcia's distinctive guitar solo is a Joy. I was a late convert to the Grateful Dead . But remember it is never too late.
The video is not the actual track on the album but it is taken from around the same time.

Here is the original by Van himself. Van at his very very best


Van Morrison - It Stoned Me

London Scouser:-
Scroobius Pip - '5 Minutes' (2013)

This year Mr Pip will be performing an hour long set of spoken word in August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. To promote it, he has released this spoken word version of a track that originally featured on his 2010 album 'The Logic Of Chance' Having heard the original a number of times and liking it, it wasn't until I heard this version that I truly listened to the lyrics. I won't say much other than it's about domestic violence. Please listen to it..... Thanks. 

(Click here to check out the original)

Mazzy Star - California (2013)
A New Hope....

Mazzy Star are back with their first album in 17 years, Seasons Of Your Day, which is due 24th September. All of the band's original members appear on the record, led as always by singer Hope Sandoval and guitarist David Roback. Seasons Of Your Day also includes appearances by folk icon Bert Jansch, who died in 2011, and My Bloody Valentine drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig.

I've had a crush on Hope Sandoval's voice (ok, not just her voice) since 1990 and with a catch line like "Music for lovers, Music for Broken Hearts", she'll be casting her spell on me yet again!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 21/07/13 - Ty, Jerry Garcia, Scroobius Pip, Mazzy Star
4/ 5


23 July 2013 at 21:51

Old Pa, Van's version is of course immaculate but I really enjoyed Gerry's rendition. Well described too and I listened to it all...all!

LS, this is so impressive, powerful lyrics to a song I may have dismissed earlier. It's amazing what you hear when everything just gets striped back. Mr Pip got skills fo sho!

Sfw, Hope is back in my life.....

25 July 2013 at 12:17

FC - pretty good really, very busy and I liked the constant piano riff.
LS - if anyone listening to this and have been affected please contact ...
SFW - that voice, gives me goose bumps in strange places...I was aware Bert had recorded with her.