Sunday, 28 July 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 28/07/13 - QOTSA, Willis Earl Beal, James Skelly and The Intenders, Oblivians

Four tracks that were our royal arrivals this week...

Willis Earl Beal - 'Too Dry To Cry' (2013)

Chicago singer-songwriter Willis Earl Beal returns in September with a follow-up to his enigmatic debut, Acousmatic Sorcery. The new record, Nobody knows., is the second set from Beal’s 4-album deal with XL. You can hear the Tom Waits/Screamin' Jay Hawkins influence in this soulful blues stomp. Now pass me a drink!

QOTSA - 'If I Had A Tail' (2013)

I'm a fan of Queens of the Stone Age and despite rave reviews and claims they've raised the Rock bar, it took me awhile to get into their 6th album, Like Clockwork, released earlier this year. Quite clearly it must have been me but I'm glad I persisted as it really is a fantastic album, particularly the swagger of 'If I Had A Tail', probably one of my favourite songs of the year. I love the drumming on this, a driving beat with the breaks immaculate, simple but effective and as you'd expect from guest drummer Dave Grohl. Honoury 'Queen' Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys also features on backing vocals. A cool video too with the animation courtesy of Boneface, who's Boneface you may ask? Well he's the illustrator who's responsible for the cover art of the QOTSA's latest album. Unremarkable maybe but Josh Homme came across his work on the web and was so impressed by the young UK artist's talent, that he contacted him out of the blue and flew him over to be the band's in-house artist. If you need gardner Josh, give me call, I'm your man.

Shell Hunter:-
James Skelly & The Intenders - 'You've Got It All' (2013)

I'm still reeling from my fabulous experience of Latitude Festival in Suffolk last weekend. I can't recommend it enough. The best concerts were the little surpirse ones that you heard whilst waiting for another band. There we were, waiting for Willy Mason sitting outside the BBC6 Music tent in the sun with delighfully cold drinks when this excellent blues inspired band started up. Thoroughly enjoying their Commitment like sound, I decided to get a closer look. I then over heard 2 people talking that James Skelly was the front man from The Coral...Of course! Now I now why he seemed so familiar! This is the latest single from new album Love Undercover and is a great example of the energetic vibe James Skelly and The Intenders delivers. 

Old Pa's Corner:-
Oblivians - 'I'll Be Gone' (2013)

The Oblivians are a Garage Punk band who were popular in the Nineties. They have had several reunions along the way and have reformed to make the album 'Desperation' (2013). 

You will note the lack of bass and the production certainly fits the garage bill. It is all a little bit fuzzy but the melody shines through. But I just love the driving energy of the track and I have played it loads this week.

'Thats Rock 'N Roll as we get Old!'

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 28/07/13 - QOTSA, Willis Earl Beal, James Skelly and The Intenders, Oblivians
4/ 5


28 July 2013 at 11:58

SFW - new to me, how did I miss this guy
FC - this is really good, maybe I will check the album out now
SH - was meaning to check them out..will definately do it now

28 July 2013 at 18:18

FC - Brilliant, always a tidy riff with QOTSA
OP - New to me - I'm 18 again
SH - Nice, He always could write a good tune. The Coral were always so underrated

30 July 2013 at 19:56

Shellhunter: We live quite near to the Latitude site and heard the music from the main stage drifting across the marsh loud and clear every evening as we sat in the garden. If I'd have been there I would definitely checked these guys out - love The Coral, but haven't heard much of this offshoot yet. Sounds good.

I trust you'll be putting together a 'Front Row Centre' special on your reflections of the festival?