Tuesday, 16 July 2013

TUESDAY BLUES - Half Moon Run - Full Circle

Do you like Singer/Songwriters, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Cup Half Full

Half Moon Run - Full Circle (2013)

Half Moon Run are a four-piece from Montreal, Canada who have recently toured with Mumford & Sons, have supported Patrick Watson and are currently playing the festival 'circuit' that includes Glastonbury, Latitude and Reading.  They seem to be getting a bit of Radio One exposure, which for the listener, must be a good thing!

Their layered Harmonies, growing arpeggios and well crafted songs have echos of the Fleet Foxes, yet lightly brush Radiohead and dare I say it, Jeff Buckley.  Ones to watch!

Full Circle appears on their recently released debut album Dark Eyes.

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TUESDAY BLUES - Half Moon Run - Full Circle
4/ 5


16 July 2013 at 08:47

Definite shades of Fleet Foxes - nice tune. Surprised to hear that they're getting Radio 1 airplay - got to be a good thing as you say.

16 July 2013 at 12:48

This 'roots' revival is a bit of a strange phenomenon, on paper R1 shouldn't play it, but the 'mumford-effect' is drawing a younger audience to folksy bands.... a good thing indeed - but then again, what do I know!!! Thanks for the comment

20 July 2013 at 11:08

Yes you can hear the Foxes there, nicde track