Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Bert Jansch - Walk Quietly By x 2

It don't bother me!

BERT JANSCH - Walk Quietly By (1995)

We have all got a certain artist that even though we know their best days have come and gone, when they release a new album, we just know we will get it. I call it blind devotion. I have lots of these artist, for example I have bought everything by Van Morrision ever since I heard 'Here Comes the Night' (1965) way back in Them days. I know his latest albums are now sometimes a bit samey and in some cases a bit boring but I also know there will always be a couple of gems amongst the dross, which justifies the effort.

Another artist I stuck with throughout his whole recording career was Bert Jansch. I was with Bert  on his journey from his first album in 1965 until his last studio album in 2006. 

It was a pleasant surprise then, when I bought his album When the Circus Comes to Town (1995) and it was one of his best for a very long time. The track Walk Quietly By  just stood out for me. We all know that guy he is talking about. It just hit the right spot with me and was my track of the year. It was obvious the record company thought the album was good as the packaging was lavish for a Bert album.

I have loads of artists which come under Blind Devotion,  what are yours?

In a previous Post I told how I met  Bert,  made an ass of myself and he played this very song just for me!!!

The live take of the song was taken from a concert in the Fleece and Firkin,  Bristol 27th Sep 1993. Were you there SB?
BERT JANSCH - Walk Quietly By (1993)

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Bert Jansch - Walk Quietly By x 2
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31 July 2013 at 15:31

'When the Circus Comes to Town' is quite probably my favourite Bert album (well top two, at least!). Every song os wonderful and you've chosen a gem here.

Blind devotion? I also used to get EVERY Van the man album but that stopped some years ago. For me it now boils down to Dylan (obviously), Richard Thompson, Lmabchop and British Sea Power. It did also apply to Zappa and Miles Davis but we sadly will not expecting new releases from them any day soon.

31 July 2013 at 15:32

By the way...been away and also internet has been out of action so I'll be catching up with older posts asap.

31 July 2013 at 15:55

I never did get to see Bert. The one near miss was when he played a little folk club above a village pub about 20 miles from where I used to live in the mid-1990s - sadly though, I was on holiday at the time. Just read the older post about your meeting with the great man - brilliant!

Blind devotions? Now there's a good subject for future posts. Let me think...Dylan obviously, anything by any member of The Clash, Ed Kuepper, The Fall, Micah Smaldone, King Creosote, Springsteen, Alasdair Roberts...and i'll always check out any 'unreleased' or upgraded Miles Davis, John Coltrane or Lee Perry material. There are probably others, as well as a few that have fallen by the wayside of my affections over the years. You've got me thinking now Old Pa.

1 August 2013 at 16:56

SB/TS - Thanks for the comments guys and nice to have you back SB

3 August 2013 at 07:54

Great track Old Pa. I've got the same Blind Devotion with Pearl Jam, Ryan Adams & Radiohead (no surprises there!)