Wednesday, 17 July 2013

WEDNESDAY CLUB - Elvis Presley - Suspicion/The Girl of my best Friend


ELVIS PRESLEY - Suspicion (1960)

Growing up in the 50's yes, the 50's (who are you calling and old fart?!!) you just had to be aware of the King. In those days Elvis was indeed the King and there was no one who came close. He had the lot, good looks, a great voice and most of all sex appeal which no other pop or rock star could even come close to. His songs were just magnificent examples of pure pop/rock brilliance. Even Dylan himself wanted to be Elvis as did I and every other young boy of that time.

He was responsible for my first musical performing experience and probably my last too. It was near the end of term when I was still in primary school and the teacher arranged for a concert for the whole class. Each person had to perform an act. It could be almost anything poetry, singing, magic trick etc.

My father made me a guitar out of wood and placed some plastic strings to make it look real. I combed my hair using my father's brylcream to look as near as Elvis as I could. I practised my snear to perfection.

It was finally my turn, I got on stage with my short trousers, swivelling my hips and singing my favourite song at that time Wooden Heart. I was a hit and all the girls in my class wanted to be my girlfriend. I had tasted stardom and I liked it. 

I am afraid to say, if I was doing an Elvis impression today it would be the great big fat version with the white suit and sequins.

Hey! I heard that, just remember, sex appeal is sex appeal, you can't hide it. 

I hope you like my first two Elvis choices.  

ELVIS PRESLEY - The Girl of my Best Friend

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Elvis Presley - Suspicion/The Girl of my best Friend
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18 July 2013 at 07:44

Everyone should have at least one moment of stardom...glad you enjoyed yours! I like your two song choices here - who wouldn't? It's The King!

18 July 2013 at 11:01

You should go as Elvis (in a jumpsuit) for your next fancy dress party. It would be a good look!

18 July 2013 at 19:58

Great tale Old Pa. As Prefab Sprout would say, you're the king of rock'n roll, completely!

18 July 2013 at 20:33

TS - you sound just like Steve McQueen