DYLAN COVERS #111 Martin Simpson/Richard Meyer/Joan Baez - North Country Blues

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'That number eleven was closin' 

RICHARD MEYER - North Country Blues

North Country Blues from  The Times they are a Changin'  album is not covered very often, but it should be. It is a dark bleak tale of Steel Mills being closed down and how it affects the folks of the area. It could apply to Coal Mines, or in fact any mill or mine across the world. The song is probably more relevant today than it has ever been.

The first take is by  Richard Meyer  the late American Folk Singer who passed away in 2012. Richard has a superb voice as you will enjoy from this rendition. There is a version by Richard on A Tribute to Bob, Vol.2 - The Times They Are A Changin'. 

The second one is from Joan Baez's silky tones and is from her double album of Dylan Covers,  Any Day Now.

Finally is a live take from Martin Simpson the British Folk singer. Martin does a great studio version on his latest album Vagrant Stanzas (2013). There is a deluxe version of the album which also contains Blind Willie Mctell, super stuff!.

JOAN BAEZ - North Country Blues (1968)

MARTIN SIMPSON - North Country Blues