DYLAN COVERS #113 Joni Mitchell - Mr Tambourine Man/Baby Blue/Girl from the North Country

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Big Yellow Taxi please!

JONI MICHELL - It's All Over Now Baby Blue (demo)

Here are three delicious covers by Joni Mitchell, the first is a demo version of It's all over now Baby Blue and can be found on the Complete Geffen Recordings Box Set (2003). It was recorded as part of the Night Ride Home (1991) Sessions.

Joni and James Taylor

In the second cover by Joni, she is joined by James Taylor, it was recorded  on the 16th Oct 1970 at a Benefit concert for Greenpeace. The Concert was organised by Joni and Phil Ochs and James Taylor was a surprise guest. I believe there is a CD around of the concert.

JONI MICHELL with James Taylor - Mr Tambourine Man (1970)

The third is taken from a duet with the great Johnny Cash where Joni joines Mr Cash on a rendition of Girl from the North Country. It is from the Johnny Cash Show. 
JONI MITCHELL with Johnny Cash - Girl from the North Country


Singing Bear said...

Nice finds, sir. 'Baby Blue' is particularly fine and even the JC/Joni duet not bad. Is 'Bay Blue' definitely from as early as 1970? It sounds a bit more mid-70's to me but I expect I'm wrong. Joni has always had very ambivalent feelings about Bob, hasn't she? I think she believes herself to be his equal (if not better) and resents the fact most folk don't agree with her. She's great, of course.

SB - you know your Joni SB...I think I put 1970 the same as the Mr T year. It was recorded for the Night Ride Home Sessions which was released in 1991. I have added that. Many Thanks. Yes Joni I believe thinks she is even superior to Bob, I read somthing recently that she thinks he steals all the time...I know who I would choose, but she has had her moments.

Anonymous said...

Hate to see how many covers she would sing of an artist she actually respected.

Good point Anon...I won't mention the word that springs to mind

jzsnake said...

She has become a BOB (bitter old bitch) in my view.

jzanake - strong words mr snake I like a bit of venom

The Swede said...

Old Joni does seem to have become a little bitter in recent years, which is a shame as she's produced so much good music in her time. I didn't realise she's tackled so many of Bob's tunes. 'Baby Blue' is particularly good.

TS it did take a bit of digging to find the tracks