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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 25/08/2013 - White Lies, Pond, Night Beds, Tired Pony, Pearl Jam

Five tracks that were as good as a £1500 feast at Nando's....

Shell Hunter:-
White Lies - 'There Goes Our Love Again (Night Engine Remix)' (2013)

I know I've been flying the neon flag of Night Engine recently but I don't put my seal of approval on just anyone. I was passed this remix of White Lies' recent single There Goes Our Love Again and I love its more somber, slowed down take of the original. It really is a plethora of my favourite 80s synth snippets, from the Ultravox 'Vienna' intro beat through to the Depeche Mode echoey vocals. If you listen hard enough once the beat kicks in, there's a bit of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall' guitar riff in there and (am I mad?!) a bit of MJ's Thriller too! Throw in a some hand claps for good measure and I'm sold! The MP3 is available to buy on iTunes or Amazon now and is featured on White Lies' There Goes Our Love Again Remixes album released on 23rd August.

Pond - 'O Dharma' (2013)

You can't beat a bit of psychadelica. It makes me feel care free, like I'm prancing around in a field of barley, in my underpants, with only the blue flashing lights of the 'feds' in the distance killing my buzz, man. This is one such song, a stunning track by the Aussie five piece (including two members of Tame Impala) which is taken from their fifth album, Hobo Rocket. I love how it feels like it's in two parts, starting off at a slow dreamy pace before the drums kick in, igniting it off somewhere up into the stratosphere. It'll have you getting undressed in no time.

Check out Pond's bits on the Modular Recordings website here...

Night Beds - Ramona (2013)

Night Beds is Winston Yellen, a 24 year-old from Colorado Springs and have unveiled a new video for "Ramona" which features on his 2013 debut release, Country Sleep. The song was written in a colonial style home on the outskirts of Nashville that was once owned by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. The tune’s tale of unrequited love and courtship suggests those walls recall the
moment Johnny brazenly told June upon first meeting, “You and I are going to get married someday.”

The album was released by the label Dead Oceans Records, which is the home to Bill Fay, Phosphorescent and Tallest Man on Earth, which might just get your attention!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Tired Pony - All Things All at Once (2013)

I was a big fan of  Tired Pony's  first album  The Place We Ran From (2010). This is track from their second album  The Ghost of the Mountain (2013)  and seems to have a much bigger production, but who's complaining. This track is an instantly accessible song and the lead singer's voice sounds spot on.
It is apparently liked by none other than  Harry  himself and there is talk, he and the Boys may record it. So enjoy it while you can, before it becomes a 1D tune and is instantly number one in the charts. (do they still have charts?).

London Scouser:-
Pearl Jam - 'Mind Your Manners' (2013)

Finally, a new track from one of my favourite bands. Eddie and the guys are back with a great song that reminds me of 'Spin The Black Circle' and could quite easily have come from 'Vitalogy' their 3rd and possibly one of their best albums IMO. This is from their upcoming album 'Lightning Bolt' which is released in October....... I can't blinking wait !!!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 25/08/2013 - White Lies, Pond, Night Beds, Tired Pony, Pearl Jam
4/ 5


25 August 2013 at 14:21

SH - This is quite good...starting listening to it at first and thought it a bit noisy and did not quite get it...I realsised I was also playing the next track at the same time...oh!dahrma!. There is a lot goin on even with the help of Pond.
FC - I tried listening to this and Ramona at same time...I thought I was on to somthing. I did feel the need to dress up in suspenders and stockings and wellie boots...but I liked the track. O dharma!
SFW - this is a grower
LS - could this be the year?? good quality sampler from the boys

27 August 2013 at 16:32

Tune of the week for me has to be 'O Dharma.' Loving this album at the moment.

28 August 2013 at 21:40

All bloody brilliant.

5 September 2013 at 10:22

SH, yes this is good...I love all your 80's snippets and no, you're not insane, I can hear them too!

Sfw, not bad but is Ramona his son or boyfriend?

Old Pa, my track of the week...some great lines in there.

LS, ooh this is very good, one for my little boy considering the title too. Reminded me of Ace Of Spades!