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Joan Baez - 'Diamonds and Rust/To Bobby'

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JOAN BAEZ - To Bobby(1972)

Here we have two songs by Joan Baez about her once time lover, Bob Dylan. Both are excellent from Joan  even though she's not known for her song writing. The first one is probably a little naive and it asks Dylan to come back and lead 'The Movement' through his songs to save the ills of the world. Nice thoughts Joan, but it was never going to happen. Second up is the fabulous Diamonds and Rust where Joan reminisces about their relationship, what it meant and what it still means. There is no doubt about it Joan really did love the 'Original Vagabond' that is clear.

If you get the chance, read the book, Positively 4th Street, as it deals with the relationship between Bob and Joan, as well as her sister Mimi and husband Richard Farina. It's a brilliant read and contains some great unseen personal photos.  


JOAN BAEZ - Diamonds and Rust (1975) 

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Joan Baez - 'Diamonds and Rust/To Bobby'
4/ 5


25 September 2013 at 09:15

'Diamonds & Rust' is a great song. Unfortunately I once heard a cover of it by the ridiculous Judas Priest, the mental scar from which, I carry to this day!

26 September 2013 at 19:56

I saw her in concert a year or so ago and it's even sadder when she sings "40 years ago I bought you some cuff-links...." It's not dark yet but...

26 September 2013 at 23:42

Anon - yes its such a great song...I have seen her a few times....a real lady