Friday, 18 October 2013

DYLAN COVERS #121 B.B. King/Buddy Guy - Fur Slippers/Lay Lady Lay

She took my Fur Slippers away!

BUDDY GUY - Lay Lady Lay (2005)

Here we have two of the great Blues Legend covering Bob. The first one by Buddy Guy is a straight cover of  Lay Lady Lay and comes from his 2005 album  Bring 'Em In.

The second cut is by B.B.King and is a little more interesting. It is a song Dylan co-wrote with Tim Drummond  who has been part of Dylan's backing band, he co-wrote the song as well as contributing to Saved. The song was written in 1981.

It was released by B.B. King on the soundtrack of the CBS TV mini-series "Shake Rattle And Roll" (1999). There are a couple of other version around by Greg Lake and  Michel Montecrossa.

Dylan recorded the song during the  Shot of Love  sessions but it has so far not seen the light of day (officially). 
B.B. KING - Fur Slippers (2005)

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DYLAN COVERS #121 B.B. King/Buddy Guy - Fur Slippers/Lay Lady Lay
4/ 5


24 October 2013 at 07:56

Can't argue with Buddy Guy. Lovely.

I enjoyed B.B. too.

Must track down Greg Lake's fur slippers (if you know what I mean). Prog blues?

2 November 2013 at 11:21

Never been too keen on 'Fur Slippers', but BB gives it a good stab. Buddy's 'Lay Lady Lay' is a minor revelation though - great stuff!