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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 27/10/13 - The Band with Bob Dylan, Bahama Soul Club, Seryn, Solomon Grey, Pearl Jam

Five tracks that blew us away

Bahama Soul Club - 'Malago' feat Danay Suarez (2013)

She's sexy, she's sultry, she can rap and I would still let her buy me a Mojito, needless to say I'm a big fan. I'm also quite partial to Cuban music and found this track on the new release from Bahama Soul Club, the Soul/Funk outfit's second album, The Cuban Tapes.

Bahama Soul Club on Buyu records

London Scouser:-
Pearl Jam - 'Sirens' (2013)

This week I don't have a specific favourite track, more of an album that I can't stop listening to. To choose a preferred track I would liken to a parent choosing a favourite child. Whilst each child has their good bits and some not so good, you tend to love them equally. And I can speak from experience as a father of zero kids !!!
The album in question is Pearl Jam's 10th studio album 'Lightning Bolt' and first since 2009. I've been there for every one, keenly awaiting and seldom disappointed. It's like a greatest hits of all new tracks, what I mean is that every track seems to be similar in style to many of their best tracks. In a previous post I said that 'Mind Your Manners' reminded me of 'Spin The Black Circle' and the titular (I learned that word yesterday !!) track seems so familiar after a couple of plays I could swear that its an oldie. The track I have chosen is the second single released from the album and again it reminds me of one of their slower numbers 'Nothingman'
All I can say is that when it comes to my Top 20 of the year, I'm either going to have to disown some of my (nonexistent) children or choose all 12 tracks from the album.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Ths Band with Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone (2013)

This is taken from the Band's new album  Live at the Academy of Music 1971, It contains a set they did with Bob Dylan and this take of Like a Rolling Stone is as good as I have heard for some time. If only Bob's voice was as good as this today. But saying that I wish I had a ticket for his upcoming concerts in the UK. All you lucky beggers.

Shell Hunter:-
Solomon Grey - 'Firechild' (2013)

This is a tuuuunnnneeee! I love the ability songs have to transport you back in time and this one captures the spirit of the 80s very nicely! I hope they aren't offended when I say that the vocals remind me a little of Sydney Youngblood. In my world that's a good thing! This British duo spent 3 years working on their self titled debut album split between a remote lighthouse in Ireland and a family farm in Australia. With those unusual environments as inspiration, I look forward to hearing more unique electro landscapes. All we have to do is Sit And Wait for it's release on Black Butter Records, but for now, Firechild is released on 18th November!

Seryn - Ivory Black (2013)

As the nights are getting darker this track by Seryn certainly matches my mood.  They are a 6 piece from Texas, whose track Ivory Black is my current muse.  I've been giving it a lot of listens and I really like the harmonies and how their dynamics rise and gently fall.  One word, delightful. However, I do wonder if they know that Seren is Welsh for Star?

Checkout the Acoustic Version here, it makes you want pull out the Ukelele and get everyone round for a jam...

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 27/10/13 - The Band with Bob Dylan, Bahama Soul Club, Seryn, Solomon Grey, Pearl Jam
4/ 5


27 October 2013 at 17:41

The Band and Bob - what can I say? Always great to hear this. Stupendous. Must look into a purchase of this reissue.

Bahama Soul Club - wonderful. I LOVE the rap (can't understand a word). Great groove.

Pearl Jam - although I'm not normally a fan (even though I greatly admire Eddie's voice), I enjoyed this track.

Solomon Grey _ I enjoyed the twiddly bits and the deep burbling synth. Not so much the melody or vocal, I'm afraid. Would probably like an instrumental version, if such a thing existed.

Seryn - Took a while to get my interest but by about half way through I was enjoying the background sounds and the harmonies are very nice. Well produced. Prefer the acoustic version. Beards ahoy!

1 November 2013 at 15:46

Bob & the Band? Bit of a walkover this week....or so I thought, until I checked out Seryn. I loved it straight away and immediately rushed off to buy their first album 'This is Where we Are', which is absolutely fantastic and highly recommended if you're into Fleet Foxes, Local Natives, Lord Huron etc. I'm really looking forward to the new LP. Thanks for the intro Sfw, I owe you one!

3 November 2013 at 10:36

FC - this is rather nice
LS - that was some build up and this track is quite fabulous...that voice!
SH - yes I get the eighties feel, it's good
SFW - I love this one, brilliant

8 November 2013 at 16:50

LS, you just can't beat a bit of middle aged rock!

Old Pa, indeed a great version.

SH, this definite a tuuuune and the voice was making me think of someone and I think Sydney Youngblood could be it (nothing wrong with that). The makings of an epic, must be a 12" out there. Do they still make those?

Sfw, nice! Hints of Peter Gabriel in there too for good measure. Atmospheric.