Thursday, 28 November 2013

Chris Clarke - 'Beads' / Radioinactive - 'Never Ends'

Yes Yes Y'all...two tracks that had me bobbing my head on the school run.

Beads, rhymes and life....

Chris Clarke - 'Beads' (2013)

Here's another Californian MC I'll be keeping my eye on. 'Beads' has a laid back, old skool ting going, in the same mould as Coolio's 'Fantastic Voyage' with an extra helping of P-Funk thrown in there for good measure. What's more it's an ode to the bead...I can relate...having grown up during the D.A.I.S.Y. Age, I spent my time in haberdashery's and stealing a wooden bead or two from my mum's bead curtains to make necklaces. I would probably still be wearing them too if it wasn't for the disparaging looks I'd get from my wife or the '5 star' airlines I work for. I digress, I've enjoyed what I've heard so far from the MC/Producer, witty lyrics and cooly delivered, The Handpicked is an album well worth checking out.
Download it here on Bandcamp.

Mint tea and some tabs y'all

Radioinactive - 'Never Ends' (2012)

I'm not one for musical gimmicks, so I was just about to poo poo this track when I thought "hang on this is really good". And so it should be, the LA MC has plied his trade since the early 90's, working with a number of established high profile crews and MC's. Delivered with vocal dexterity and wit, 'Never Ends' is an amusing (as is the album, The Akashic Record, from which it's taken) and catchy track which had me hooked, it also reminded me a bit like Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart. From California via the Middle East, these are some seriously dope habibi's.

See Radioinactive on Laitdbac Records and Mush Records.

Thanks to James Dunn at for the heads up.
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Chris Clarke - 'Beads' / Radioinactive - 'Never Ends'
4/ 5