DYLAN COVER # 127 Keith Jarrett - My Back Pages/The Nice - She Belongs Too Me

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I was so much Younger then


Here are two interesting ones, the first is a versions of  My Back Pages by the Keith Jarrett Trio and is taken from their Live album Somewhere Before (1968). I like this and it is worth a listen.

The second is a take of  She Belongs To Me  and is by The Nice, it can be found on the album  Nice (1969). It was recorded Live at the Flimore East, New York in 1969, It is a bit of a ramble and a bit indulgent for my taste, but have a listen and make your own judgement.

THE NICE - She Belongs to Me (1969)


Singing Bear said...

I've never hears the Keith Jarrett version before. Totally splendid. Must track the album down.

I am a bit of a fan of The Nice but agree that this was not their finest hour. Still, a bot of early prog is always welcome.

Singing Bear said...

Apologies for the horrific typos. I swear I'm getting worse!

Know Problum Mesister Bare

The Swede said...

I'd not heard the Jarrett version either - very nice it is too. I used to own 'Elegy', but got rid of it in the great punk cull of 77/78. I remember a (very long!) Dylan cover being on it, but I could have sworn it was also 'My Back Pages'. I must be mistaken, it was a very long time ago and I was so much older then!

TS - Your are spot on My Back Pages was on Elegy