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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 03/11/13 - George Ezra, Ka, Bill Callahan, The National, Afrikan Boy

Five tracks that popped our rockets.....

George Ezra - Did You Hear The Rain (2013)

I've championed George ever since I saw him support Tom Odell in The Thekla and fortunately for the masses, he's finally getting more airplay. 'Did You Hear The Rain' features more accompaniment than his previous snippets and whereas sometimes a singer/songwriter loses their magic with a band, with George, it only enhances his sound. You must checkout his other tracks, either here or through his Soundcloud site. It is an early call, but he's definitely in my top 10 artists of the year - and he still hasn't released his album!


Ka - 'Jungle' (2013)

I've been listening to Ka's album, 'The Night's Gambit', a fair bit recently and it's one of the best Hip Hop albums I've heard for awhile. It's the first time I've come across the 40 something Brooklyn MC/producer despite this being his 3rd solo sortie and a stark contrast to the usual neon lights, 'bling-afied' , posturing you see in most Hip Hop acts these days. Certainly on one of it's standout tracks, the soulful 'Jungle', where Ka's desolate social commentary is delivered in a hushed, low key tone (like the majority of the album) reminiscent of 'What's Going On' era Marvin Gaye. Dope.

London Scouser:-
The National - 'Sea Of Love' (2013)

There I was politely going about my business of flicking through channels late one evening hoping to find something good to watch as Shellhunter was trying to sleep when I stumbled across Later With Jools Holland. The first guests were The National who I've likes from afar for a number of years. Being a big fan of covers, I looked forward to hearing this song expecting it to be a new version of the classic song which I first heard by Kim's dad Marty Wilde. Despite my disappointment of not finding a new cover to rave about, I still enjoyed the song and straight away went onto Spotify and found their latest album 'Trouble Will Find Me' This track features Matt Berninger's trade mark deep and some may say sexy vocals. Another top tune in my book with a simple video of them playing in the corner of a room and some kid dancing about !!!

Old Pa's Corner:-
Bill Callahan - The Sing (2013)

I do like Bill Callahan, a real Troubadour if ever there was one and one of the the most original around too. This is a track from his latest album Dream River (2013). This album is model of consistency all the way through and is most certainly worth a visit.

'The only words I have said to-day are Beer and Thank You'

Shell Hunter:-
Afrikan Boy - 'Hit Em Up' (2013)

Listening to BBC6 at work the other day, there was a good mix of Hip Hop during the early hours of the morning. This track was thrown in amongst them and myself and 2 other self proclaimed music gurus debated about who it might be. I thought it definitely had to be an older track with the cool b-boy break dance style trumpet sample, similar in feel to Public Enemy's Harder Than You Think. Someone mentioned it sounded like Ludacris or Dizzie Rascal. We were a bit surprised to hear it was a new song by Afrikan Boy (real name Olushola Ajose) as he has captured that old school vibe so well. Originally from colourful and bold Nigeria, he lives in Woolwich and busies himself busting some rhymes mixing urban London sound with afro beats whilst studying Physcology at Brunel University! Sassy ragga girl M.I.A champions him having toured together in the past and he even featured on one of her recent tracks Hussel. I think this song will go far, end of.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 03/11/13 - George Ezra, Ka, Bill Callahan, The National, Afrikan Boy
4/ 5


5 November 2013 at 17:07

Sfw, that's two out of two now from this cat, bring on the album.

LS, this is not bad, interesting vid, a bit cramped and how did the guitarist manage to get down?

Old Pa, excellent! Probably one of the best chorus' I've heard all year too, "the only words I have said today are Beer and Thank you".

Shell Hunter, Boom, right up my proverbial alley. Love it, reminds me so much of the Native Tongues, I was beaming the whole way through. Check out his ode to 'Lidl', funny.

7 November 2013 at 11:32

SFW - agree with FC that is 2 out of 2 it
FC - Pretty good...funny you mention Marvin Gaye....he is also mentioned in the song by Bill Callahan
LS - I actually downloaded this album but forgot about it.....good the way Marty Sea of Love is a cover also.
SH - a vibrant a mix of cultures. Africa meets the Bronx

15 November 2013 at 11:52

Sfw- really like what I've heard so far. This reminds me of Rawhide!
LS- I think his voice is sexy, really like this
Fly- mellow hip hop, I like! And his name is the same as the snake in Jungle Book, bonus!
Pa- really like this! Nice like country instruments and fab chorus!