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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 24/11/2013 - Fractures, Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against The Machine, Maximo Park, Baloji and L'Orchestre De La Katuba

Exterminate! Five tracks from TuneDr that were worth all the hype!

London Scouser:-
Rage Against The Machine - 'Mindset's A Threat' (2013)

I'm a big fan of Spotify, since being introduced to it I've thrown away the shackles of my iPhone and haven't looked back since. When listening through my PC it looks at my listening history and offers tracks that I might like. This track is an example, after having featured RATM a few weeks back, Spotify suggested I listen to this which is on the 20th anniversary re-release of their debut album. It has a different less shouty vocal style by Zach which I like and features the trademark sound that made them famous.

A couple of days ago I decided (after putting it off for weeks) to clear the front path and garden of all of the billions of leaves that had congregated and needed something energetic to get me through it. This song and the whole album helped. The path is clear and 5 black bags and a bin full of leaves later I had my track.

Old Pa's Corner :-
Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes (2013)

Well it had to be Bruce this week. It is always an event when Mr Springsteen releases something new. The song is a 'new' version of a track previously released on the EP Blood Brothers (1995) and has been reworked and re-recorded and will be available for you tomorrow.
Here is a taster of the song "High Hopes" it appears there will be a brand new full-length album which could be released as soon as January.
What a start to next year! what! with Andy Murray making a come back too. I can hardly wait, I am just so excited. It's great to be alive!

There are several live versions available on YouTube as well as the 1995 version. By the way the song is not actually written by Bruce.

My opinion! ...well I am biased...but I love it, after a few hearings, it is encouraging for the new album...but that is me being...hopeful !

Shell Hunter:-
Maximo Park - 'Brain Cells' (2013)

I usually get worried if an artist I like change their style for a new release but this has really grown on me. This new song from Maximo Park makes me feel like joining the hoody bloke for a bit of a rave up! Sombre, haunting but with a clubby edge, I'm liking this different approach. They are due to release their 5th album, Too Much Information next year and will be matching that with a Tour. Free stuff alert! The lads have generously allowed a free download of Brain Cells for the trade of your email address for future news. Fair trade me thinks! Get in there my son!

Fractures - Cadence (2013)

Fractures is Australian multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/producer, Mark Zito.  Zito was involved in a near-fatal fall which left him confined to a neck-brace for three months but he obviously used this hiatus wisely, writing this eargasmic track with its similarities to James Blake, Astronauts and Stateless.  One to watch!

Baloji and L’Orchestre De La Katuba - 'Buy Africa' (2013)

It has been a cold week and this track was like the musical equivalent of thermal pants, warm and comforting. That may sound a bit disparaging but far from it as Afrobeat's infectious grooves does have that kind of effect on you. I've thoroughly enjoyed the Red Hot and Fela album from where 'Buy Africa' is taken from, featuring a favourite of mine, Congolese/Belgian rapper, Baloji (see post here) and L'Orchestre De La Katuba, providing some brilliant vintage soukous guitar. The AIDS organisation, Red Hot, have released a fitting tribute to the Nigerian Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti, who would have been 75 this October had he not died of the disease in 1997. An album of Fela classics, covered and interpreted in their own way by a number of top US and African artists....recommended listening.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 24/11/2013 - Fractures, Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against The Machine, Maximo Park, Baloji and L'Orchestre De La Katuba
4/ 5


24 November 2013 at 19:18

RATM - Pretty good. Like Sabbath fronted by The Beastie Boys, which wouldn't be a bad thing.

Bruce - solid. I wonder why he decided to re-record it?

Maximo Park - can't recall liking much they've done before but this had my toes tapping. A grower, I reckon.

Fractures - I like the beats in 'Twisted'.

Baloji - Fela Kuti dies as long ago as '97? Bloody hell - time flies. Nice groove and rapping in French always works for me. Can't understand a word, mind.

26 November 2013 at 09:00

LS - I keep on telling myself I've grown out of RATM, but this is good.
OP - Typical Brucie
SH - I love this, I wouldn't have known it was MP
FC - Fela good

29 November 2013 at 11:58

LS, Sfw....grown out of Rage? Behave yourself! Not a song I've heard too many times but it's a good one with a slightly reserved Zach, ha you're right. BO!

Old Pa, good to have the Boss back and speaking of Rage Against the Machine, this song features non other than Tom Morello. You can see him in the vid and the guitar is unmistakable.

SH, I would never have thought that this was Maximo Park, pretty good too.

Sfw, really enjoyed this, definitely a name we'll hear more regularly in the near future.

1 December 2013 at 10:54

LS - you can't go wrong with a bit of Rage
SH - this is pretty good it will sure be a grower I think
SFW - both track are good and interesting.....I am sure he will get a break soon....boom boom!
FC - bloody freezing heare too and as you say...a winter warmer...PS Tom M did in fact play this year with Bruce and they have recorded together....lets wait for the new album in Jan to check the results.