Musical Medicine...a track that's like Houmous for the soul!

Wilco - 'Handshake Drugs' (2004)

"I was chewing gum for something to do"

A Wilco stunner and one track I never tire of hearing, taken from their excellent 2004 album, A Ghost is Born. It's been awhile since I heard this gem and bizarrely, it's all due to a book I found by Team Bush and co's favourite political analyst, Noam Chomsky. Not my usual choice of reading material but you find all sorts the airport, Interventions is a collection of essays on American foreign policy, notably the dubious reasons for waging war in Iraq. This in turn reminded me of 'iffy' Iraq war drama, Over There, which I used to watch back in 2005, the soundtrack was particularly ropey but I almost choked on my houmous when, on one episode, it featured 'Handshake Drugs'. A sterling if a little peculiar choice to be blasting that song out of your Humvee whilst cruising around Anbar province's 'Triangle of Death', I wonder what Jeff Tweedy made of it. Strange how the mind associates stuff.




Old Pa's Corner said...

Great track by the Tweed...I almost choked on my skordalia.

The Swede said...

What a great band Wilco are. I hadn't seen this performance before - fantastic. Thanks for digging it out.

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