Thursday, 16 January 2014

Africa Express: Songhoy Blues - 'Soubour' / Ghostpoet - 'Season Change'


Ah Damon Albarn, a musical superhero! When he's not rescuing pop music, he's out in Africa discovering fresh musical talent with his Africa Express projectMaison Des Jeunes is the latest compilation and also the name of the youth centre in Bamako, Mali where Damon Albarn set his 'pop up' studio to recorded it in only a week. There he held an open invitation for new Malian musicians to perform with the likes of Brian Eno, Dave Maclean from Django Django, guitarist Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and London emcee, Ghostpoet amongst others (click here for a full list of collaborators). Mali is an unbelievably diverse and musically rich country which the album reflects, showcasing a new generation of stars recorded during that 7 day period and deservedly exposing them to Western ears. It's a musical delight and on heavy rotation with me at the moment, Ghostpoet and Songhoy Blues are among the many highlights.

There will be an exclusive featurette on BBC6 music of the story behind Maison Des Jeunes on Sunday 19th Jan at 1pm, all part of the radio station's African Music weekend (17-19 January 2013) . If you missed it and are reading this in retrospect in the year 2032, then click on the BBC6 Music website here to catch a podcast or something.

Songhoy Blues - 'Soubour'

This band hailing out of Timbuktu, formed in direct response to the Islamists who banned music whilst occupying their city only last year. It's an incredibly ferocius retort, loud,with an incendary riff and some amazing guitar work, a real powerful statement in protest. Ban This!

Ghostpoet - 'Season Change'

Here we have my favourite cup of tea toting rapper with the 'I can't be bothered' delivery, Ghostpoet teaming up with Bamako drum band, Doucoura, London bassman, Two Inch Punch and Damon Albarn for a low-key and atmospheric number with some immaculate percussion.

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Africa Express: Songhoy Blues - 'Soubour' / Ghostpoet - 'Season Change'
4/ 5


17 January 2014 at 10:43

Brillant, i loved the first one and the second comes on with just as much impact.....I hope the album can keep up this kind of standard, it will be a stunner.