Thursday, 30 January 2014

DXA - 'All The MC's' / 'Rise Up'


...Yes yes y'all, In my Vauxhall Zafira with the DXA crew, on the way to B&Q! Word..

We ain't going no B&Q!

DXA - 'All The MC's' feat Too Deep (2012)

I've got to thank fellow blogger London Scouser, for introducing me to DXA, an altogether irregular source for all things Hip Hop but I'm now forever in his musical debt. All via a recommendation from London Scouser favourite, Scroobius Pip, who recently championed them on his XFM Beatdown show saying they're 'Fresh Old School'.

Unashamedly old school indeed, the New York four piece take us back to the Golden Age of Hip Hop, trademark 'boom bap' beats, Jazz samples and clever lyrical interplay, so synonymous with vintage crews. Some critics may say that it's not innovative or that it's not contributing anything new to Hip Hop but for me it reflects a simpler time in the genre, it's purest form, capturing the real essence of Hip Hop which is often lost these days. A reason why many MC's replicate the style being so disollusioned with it's current state.

I probably repeat myself each time I talk about the Old School crews or the Golden Age old fart reminiscing about the good old days? Perhaps ....but I grew up with this shit and therefore I'm ever so slightly emotionally attached to it, DXA making an ageing B-Boy very happy this week.

DXA - 'Rise Up' (2013)

'All The MC's' is taken from the EP, DXA which was out November 2012 (listen to it here on Spotify). While new release, 'Rise Up', was released last December 2013 (above).

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DXA on Blunted Astronaut records. (UK based)

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For more of our fresh cuts, click here.....word!

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DXA - 'All The MC's' / 'Rise Up'
4/ 5


13 March 2014 at 14:04

yo thanks for the post and checking our music! - dface dxa