Thursday, 23 January 2014

Laid Back - 'Baker Man' / Claptone - 'No Eyes'

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we're laid back!

Laid Back - Bakerman (1989)

Classic nonsensical soother from Denmark's Laid Back, a song I love and one which I haven't heard in a very long time. I remember being glued to MTV for hours when it first came out, just to try and catch it's just what you did before YouTube and ting.

But I got reunited with this lost gem by another corker I heard recently. I was trawling through some best of 2013 lists and came across a track called 'No Eyes' by German DJ, Claptone. I got drawn to it as I knew Jaw, who provides vocals on the track, from a French group I like called dOP and the synths instantly reminded me of the Laid Back song, very similar in nature and equally brilliant.

Two songs for the price of one then, a bit like finding a pound coin while also finding that crucial piece of Lego you've been looking for from behind the sofa.

Claptone - 'No Eyes' feat Jaw (2013)

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Laid Back - 'Baker Man' / Claptone - 'No Eyes'
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7 February 2014 at 18:13

What a brilliant comparison! It really shows the difference in musical production over the years. I really love the Claptone song. I kind of proves the theory we used to have, and that was have a strong hook and you have what you need to make a good dance song. Like 'Killer' and that one that I made up with my keyboard!