Saturday, 18 January 2014


Have the urge to squeeze a kitten? Save yourself the aggro and listen to System Of A Down!

Opa!! I can do this on a picnic table too, you know!

System Of A Down - 'B.Y.O.B' (2005)

I'm all for trying out the local traditional tipple from the countries I visit but I now draw the line at ouzo. It all comes from a BBQ London Scouser and I had when we lived in a maisonette in slough. We had a shared garden and we lived on the upper floor so if we wanted to use it, the windows of our downstairs neighbours would back onto it. We got on with the two Greek brothers Yani and Jorge that lived there and they were always out so it was fine. We were enjoying a pleasant summers evening, grilling our sausages listening to our latest playlist when one of the brothers came home. We said he should join us for a bevvie and he happily obliged. The night rolled on and our civilised BBQ was forgotten, the meat covered with foil and the plates unused, it was all about the booze! Yani disappeared into the house and came back with a clear bottle with a cork in and said 'try some of this, it's the ouzo my grandmother makes'. Now I never do shots but I didn't want to offend so bottoms up as they say! It was like nectar! We finished it in minutes between us and beaming with pride he went to fetch another bottle......and then it all goes a bit blurry.

 All I have left are these flash backs but they can be in any order, please feel free to put them in an order you see fit!
  • LS calling up a work colleague to pop by which he did with a friend, but I don't recall speaking to them! 
  • Yani doing traditional Greek dancing on our picnic table and falling off hitting his eye on our rotation washing line giving himself a black eye! 
  • Myself waking up in the early hours freezing, almost face down in the dewy grass, my glasses missing, getting up and stumbling to our front door where I came across LS asleep hunched on the front door step. Not waking him, I climbed over him into the house, I walked upstairs and was drying for the loo. This is where LS found me asleep later when he eventually woke! 

When I eventually surfaced later, with a dead arm I might add, I remembered LS and I were both on late shifts that day, oh my god I felt rotten. I tried to sort myself out by having a shower and getting ready but LS, the wimp called in sick! Never will I have ouzo again, even the smell makes me heave now!

I like Ouzo, it's nice...

This track, as does most System Of A Down songs, always has me laughing and featured on that very evening's playlist.This Armenian metal group have an almost rock opera style with some serious riffage. B.Y.O.B normally stands for bring your own booze for party situations but the title here 'Bring Your Own Bombs' was referring to the Iraq war and it being a party for the USA. The title was far more apt for what actually took place at my BBQ! The fall out was not pretty.....

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19 January 2014 at 13:52

Brilliant....we have all been there...well if you have not, then you have not lived...I have too many of these stories and I think we should introduce a new title...somthing like Booze stories...obviously somthing a bit more apt...maybe Stories to fall down to!

21 January 2014 at 11:03

Oh no, never on a school night...ever! Ouzo is pretty horrific stuff, god knows what'll happen if I drank any. I'll lose time and probably think I've been abducted by aliens. Hilariously good track too.

24 January 2014 at 09:56

I have no recollection of the events of this evening... Damn good song though