Thursday, 20 February 2014

GUEST SPOT #66 - Julia Holter - 'Hello Stranger'

Back from a brief hiatus, our Guest Spots are back. Here we see previous contributor, Brendan with a track that ticked a musical box for him this year....welcome back sir! Have you got a song you just can't keep to yourself? A great concert story or just simply a musical memory you'd like to share? Do it! Click here to submit your Guest Spot now here!

Julia Holter - 'Hello Stranger' (2013)

‘Hello Stranger’ by Julia Holter is the one song that made my heart miss a beat this year. It reminded me of the force 12 breath of fresh air that ‘O Superman’ blew through the charts back in 1981.

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GUEST SPOT #66 - Julia Holter - 'Hello Stranger'
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24 February 2014 at 16:33

Bewitching stuff, stops you in your tracks kind of song. I only had the pleasure of listening to O Superman for the first time last year after doing some research on Laurie Anderson. Made me realise just how much good music there is out there still to listen to. Thanks for the post Brendan.