Saturday, 22 February 2014

P - 'Dancing Queen'


This is admittedly an odd track, but I love it and felt like it was time to share it. Do you have a favourite cover, if so please contact us and tell us why by clicking here

P - Dancing Queen (1995)

I'll admit that I bought the album that this was on purely on the basis that Johnny Depp was a member & at first I thought that he was the singer. I soon discovered that the lead singer was in fact Gibby Haynes who is better known for 'The Butthole Surfers' who are responsible for one of my favourite songs of the 90's in 'Pepper'. His deep deep vocals work really well on this bizarre cover of Abba's seminal classic from the disco days of the seventies. I wish I could find my copy of the album as it was a fun listen to, but it's probably been sent to Music Magpie for them to enjoy and resell on to Poundland or some such place !!!
Ah well, maybe someone is enjoying the album right now listening to the copy I spent my hard earned cash on.

Johhny and the band enjoying the royalties on my behalf (maybe)

ABBA - 'Dancing Queen' 1976

In case you didn't know the original !!!

NERD ALERT - P were playing a live set at 'The Viper Room' which was co-owned by Johnny Depp, at the same time that River Phoenix died on the pavement outside the famous venue

Unfortunately, P aren't on Spotify (yet??) but please check my Spotify playlist of other covers that I love

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P - 'Dancing Queen'
4/ 5


24 February 2014 at 16:25

Bizarre indeed, not quite as catchy as the original though despite having Jack Sparrow on guitar.