Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down the Crazy River


Rose! I Love You!

ROBBIE ROBERTSON - Somewhere Down the Crazy River(1987)

I was returning from a trip down in Houston Texas and decided to nip up to Canada before returning back to Jeddah. It would be nice to visit my sister Rose who I had not seen for some time.

Rose met me at the Montreal Airport, she lived in a small town about an hour or so away. I asked Rose to look after my bags which were on a trolley as I went to the loo.(Too many drinks on the plane).

We went to the car park and as I was putting my bags into her car boot, I realised that my briefcase was not there.

Panic stations!

Rose then said that there was a disturbance and she turned to see what it was and we assumed it was then that my brief-case was snatched.  I had all my documents, my trusty Walkman and worst of all my Passport which had my entry visa to get into Saudi Arabia.

I reported it to the Airport Police and they confirmed that there had been a spate of similar robberies.

It was the holiday week-end in Canada,. so I could do nothing until Tuesday. I phoned my bosses in Jeddah and they said this was very serious and it may take up to three weeks to get a new entry visa on a new passport.

I would have to go to Quebec on Tuesday and try and get a new Passport before going to the Saudi Embassy and start the process of getting an entry Visa to Saudi Arabia.

It was Friday evening and there was not too much I could do about it,  so to hell! I may as well relax and enjoy my time with Rose, Ian the twin girls and the two boys. Not forgetting their large Labrador, his name escapes me.

I loved every moment of my stolen time!

To be continued

The song comes from one of Canada's favourite sons,  Robbie Robertson, it's from his solo album Fallen Angel (1987). 'it was in that stolen Walkman'.

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Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down the Crazy River
4/ 5


12 February 2014 at 08:55

What a traumatic situation, to lose so many important things in a split second. I look forward to hearing how the tale concludes. Great tune.
I have relatives, very elderly now, in Canada, but have never been, always fancied it though.

13 February 2014 at 11:53

I love that song, it too was never out of my Walkman, listening to it on the Schoolbus. I used to listen to the Walkman a lot then and for some reason I probably remember this song the most. Apart from it being brilliantly moody, it was unusual for me as he was talking throughout with this weird story. I vaguely remember this episode, I don't think Old Ma was too pleased.