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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 02/02/2014 - Agnes Obel, Embrace, Rotifer, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Amerigo Gazaway

Five tracks that made us all beliebers...

Agnes Obel - Dorian (2013)

Agnes Obel is a classically trained pianist/singer whose debut was and unexpected platinum-selling sensation in her home country of Denmark. This is from her second album, Aventine, and I cannot understand why I haven't given her my full attention earlier. This, and the album, is simply stunning and has the ability to capture you into a musical tractor-beam.  Catch her in Manchester, Bristol and London in April - you might see me there in a trance!

Shell Hunter:-
Embrace - 'Refugees' (2014)

I was very surprised to hear on the radio last week, that the Yorkshire Indie alternative to Oasis boys are back after 8 years of silence with a new album expected in April from label Cooking Vinyl. I had a real soft spot for them back in the day, they were a refreshing change from the constantly feuding Gallagher brothers. At first I wasn't sure of this single but after thinking about it, I realised it was a brave but necessary move to reemerge themselves in today's changing music industry. There's a new fresh electro intro which tickles my interest enough to give their new album simply entitled 'Embrace' a good listen. This could be the right time for them to return with a bit of indie swagger, they've got the world at their feet!

London Scouser:-
Rotifer - I Just Couldn't Eat As Much (As I'd Like To Throw Up)

I'll admit I love a gimmick and I love a catchy title. Last year when Old Pa featured a song called Cheap Beer I have to say I was a little disappointed. Great title , I thought but that's about it. That leads me to this song by Rotifer. The song came to my attention as a free download in Google Play and I'm pleased to say its not just a pretty face !!  After a bit of digging I have discovered that Robert Rotifer is from Vienna and has been releasing music since the 90's. To me this sounds like a mix of Ian McCulloch's vocals and Pulp's clever indie-pop lyrics. It was released last year and is from the album 'The Cavalry Never Showed Up' the video features drawings by Robert Rotifer with the songs lyrics. He's  a pretty talented guy, I should hate him !!! But I don't..

Old Pa's Corner :-
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Lariet (2014)


This is a track from Stephen Malkmus's (Pavement Fame) album Wig Out at Jagbags (2014). It jicks along very nicely and slowly catches you up. It has one of these little hooks that will stay with you and you will wake up the next day and be humming away to it. It is down right infectious.

'We grew up listening to the music from the best decade ever'

Amerigo Gazaway - 'Inner City travelling Man' (2014)

Soul on a pole, y'all! It looks like it's going to be another winner from Amerigo Gazaway, the DJ/producer responsible for the gems, Fela Soul (De La Soul & Fela Kuti) and Bizarre Tribe (The Pharcyde and ATCQ). You could say that Amerigo has a bit of a knack of producing albums of collaborations that never were, this time, with his new 'Soul Mates' project, it's Yasiin Gaye, featuring the sweet sounds of Marvin Gaye intertwined and reimagined with the vocal talents of Yasiin Baye (better known as Rapper Mos Def). The album is released on the 25th of February (Bandcamp) and if this single is anything to go by (Inner City Blues being one of my favourite Marvin Gaye tracks), then we are in for another aural treat. Let's get it, sorry.

Amerigo Gazaway website here....

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 02/02/2014 - Agnes Obel, Embrace, Rotifer, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Amerigo Gazaway
4/ 5


7 February 2014 at 11:01

SFW - nice track, I was caught up in that tractor beam!
SH - not bad but it could be a hard road back
LS - Great title but not sure about this one
FC - can't play that one will have to come back to it

7 February 2014 at 17:45

Sfw- love the piano and this is a really nice track
LS- I can hear the similarities with Jarvis, not bad at all!
Fly- just fab, he's done it justice again!
Pa- like this too, very catchy

25 February 2014 at 18:09

Sfw, Death Star tractor beam power, will def get the album as this might be exactly what I want to hear right now.

SH, I remember the kazoo brilliance of Hooligan but I fear this, although good, may be lost amongst all the other indie fayre.