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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 09/02/2014 - Broken Bells, Drowners, Young Fathers, American Authors, Vampire Weekend

Five rings that won us gold this week...

Young Fathers - 'War' (2014)

Last week, Scotland's finest released their 3rd album, Dead. It was a particularly exciting moment for me as being their biggest fan, Kathy Bates Misery style, I was looking forward to it. With a little but of trepidation mind, as previous two part albums (Tape One and Tape Two) were brilliant innovative records, could they replicate that form. I have to say after a few hearings I'm a little disappointed though but there are some very good moments. The excellent War for example reminds of 'Maid of Orleans' era OMD crossed with Massive Attack, one of the many reasons I love these guys and what makes them so unique.

Young Fathers website here....

Broken Bells - 'And I Love Her'

Flycasual introduced me to Broken Bells a few years back and I have to say it's made the world a better place.  James Mercer and Danger Mouse, who released their latest album 'After The Disco' last week, performed the classic Beatles song "And I Love Her" (with a video recording of drummer Starr playing in the background) on the David Letterman show, in tribute to the fab fours 50th Anniversary of their performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. A performance that would change the music world for ever. Class

Shell Hunter:-
American Authors - 'Best Day Of My Life' (2013)

I normally shun the catchy commercial summer tune but I can't help it his time! The weather has been absolutely awful and people keep telling me we are being spoilt with such a mild winter and that the worst is yet to come! Great, what have we to look forward to?! I heard this song on xfm weeks ago and thought, yeah that'll probably be popular as you can easily sing along and thought nothing more of it. Now every time I see the Centreparcs advert I can't control myself! It really does what is says on the tin, a happy song that makes me think of summer days. American Authors are an indie 4 piece based in Brooklyn. They've been getting a lot of exposure through TV adverts, FIFA 14, and also feature on The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty soundtrack.

London Scouser:-
Vampire Weekend - 'Worship You' (2013)

Do you ever hear a track that has you singing along to lyrics you can't quite make out ?? A bit like 'The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight' 'Chop Suey' or even 'Orinoco Flow' Well this is one of those for me, I first heard it whilst playing FIFA 14 on the Xbox and after a few hearings I was gibberish-ing with the best of them. The video that some kind soul made has helped me enormously, so much that now I feel confident that I could do this justice at karaoke (lyrically if not quite vocally)... It helps that no one would know if I got it wrong.
Once I Shazam'd the track and found out it was by Ezra and the boys off of last years album 'Modern Vampires Of The City' I could have kicked myself as his voice is quite memorable, maybe I just wasn't expecting to find them on a football game.

Old Pa's Corner :-
Drowners - 'Luv, Hold me Down'

This is a track from American band the Drowners. I thought with a name like that their sound would probably be all moody dirges (just down my alcove). I was wrong,  this is a nice slice of Indie pop with a great catchy chorus, another one of those that makes you just sing along. 

The Drowners have their heads well and truly above the waterline 

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 09/02/2014 - Broken Bells, Drowners, Young Fathers, American Authors, Vampire Weekend
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