Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Gnarls Barkley - 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul?' / 10,000 Maniacs - 'Candy Everybody Wants'


Your turn to cook


GNARLS BARKLEY - Who's Gonna Save My Soul

I have never been a great lover of American series, it is all that Hollywood razz. Even barmaids look like film starlets. Give me the Sweeney or the Minder any time. There you get proper British Barmaids, gals that have been round the block a few times.

Saying that there have been exceptions, you can not fault The Sopranos or Sargent Bilko.

Flycasual asked if I ever watch Breaking Bad as he heard it was pretty good. The IMDB rating was sensational, a whopping 9.6 a score, unheard of before. I thought I would watch a couple of episodes to check what the fuss is about.

Am I glad I did. It is brilliant, great actors, great characters, brilliant humour. If you have ever watched Pulp Fiction and remember the shock moments (how can you forget then) I will tell you this, there are many such moments in this grand little gem.

Simply, if you don't know, it is the story of a guy who finds he is dying of cancer. He is a Chemist turned School teacher who decides to 'cook' ice (methamphetamine) and try and make enough money to support his family when he goes.(gets dead)

Oh! boy! his life just get more complicated and involved after each episode. I am completely hooked just like an Ice junkie. I have just finished series 1 and will be watching series 2 tonight. I must have my fix.

These two great tracks are both from series 1. I particularly like the Gnarls Barkley track when I heard it. I am also a maniac for Natalie Merchant's voice.


10,000 MANIACS - Candy Everybody Wants

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Gnarls Barkley - 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul?' / 10,000 Maniacs - 'Candy Everybody Wants'
4/ 5


5 March 2014 at 19:46

I envy you Old Pa, you are still at the start of the journey. We finished the last series of Breaking Bad a month ago and felt bereft! You should try The Shield if you haven't already - action packed, bent cops, the lot! There were 7 seasons and we've watched it all twice, it's great stuff.

5 March 2014 at 21:59

TS - I'm hooked and on your recommendation I will definately try the Shield

6 March 2014 at 08:59

I'm someone who very rarely watches the telly unless there's something about music on. I wish it was otherwise but I just can't seem to fit it in. I've missed ALL those great series - Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad - and how I wish I hadn't because I have heard so many good things about them. As a huge Pulp Fiction fan, I really must try and catch Breaking Bad, though. The only telly I seem to watch regularly are comedy shows to have 30 minutes laugh with the cubs and all. Good tracks.

6 March 2014 at 09:14

SB - get hold of say the firt 3 episodes (easily avaiable) they are only just over 45min....I am sure like me you will be hooked.