Saturday, 8 March 2014

GUEST SPOT #67 - Rufus Wainwright - 'Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk'

Here's another Guest Spot from TuneDr's mate Dave. He sees the world a little bit differently and is not afraid to speak his mind. Fancy telling the world about a song you love, gig you've been to or just a musical memory? Click here to submit one now!

My friend Sadie and I visited snow covered Fairmount Indiana, home town of James Dean, over 10 years back just after Rufus Wainwright's second album came out. Patrice, landlady at our guest house, said she loved 'our Queen' and told vegetarian Sadie "we eat a lot of meat round here' in a mildly sinister manner. They didn't allow alcohol, not very rock and roll in the home of American's most famous rebel - so we were glad to be asked for dinner and drinks by David & Lenny owners of the James Dean Gallery. Originally from New York City, they were super cool, interesting, full of pop culture gossip and very kind. They told us Rufus Wainwright had been to visit recently. 'Who?' They played us TV clips songs and interviews. With songs about unrequited love, desire, being drunk on 5th Avenue and references to Dirk Bogarde movies and Bea Arthur we were hooked, it felt like Rufus was writing songs just for us. On our return to London, Rufus played some Camden dive for about £10 to a handful of people and I've seen him on every tour since and I'll be going to the Royal Drury Lane show in April. He's no longer our little secret, people are welcome to £75 stalls seats. We're happy he's a star and we'll be happy in the cheap seats up in the Gods remembering how we first heard him in Fairmount.

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GUEST SPOT #67 - Rufus Wainwright - 'Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk'
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