Friday, 14 March 2014

Slick Rick - 'It's a Boy'

Hip Hop Classics...straight outta Frimley Park Hospital, y'all!

Need a Children's Story?

Slick Rick - 'It's a Boy' (1994)

On wed 12th March my wife gave birth to a 8lb8 baby boy, our second son, he's a veritable bruiser and it's absolutely baffling how he actually fit inside her. As first time parents 5 years ago, it was real rabbits in the headlights stuff but it's funny how 'it' all comes back to Even smashing up a babygrow and nappy change combo in under 5 mins, last time round was at least half an hour with a sweaty distressed dad and baby setting off the rest of the bairns on the ward. This time I was also unfazed by the inaugural poo, Meconium, which is a gooey, tar like substance, despite being only armed with warm water and cotton wool which only achieves in spreading it around his bottom further, I mopped up the paste no sweat.

It was very nice of Ricky Gervais to pop by and help. Do not awaken the beast Ricky!
Anyway, it's all a bit primeval, feed, sleep, poo repeat but so far so good. We are tired but happy and ready to commence musical indoctrination as soon as we get home. (5 years ago we could only settle my son to sleep with the smooth sounds of Gregory Isaacs. This time Cradle of Filth?)

'It's a Boy' is taken from the UK born MC's 3rd album, Behind Bars, which was recorded while ehm....behind bars for attempted murder, not so slick Rick. Probably the best track from the album...who knew that it would be this significant 20 years on! One of my favourite old school rappers, Slick Rick, known for his laidback storytelling flow (influencing the likes of Snoop Dogg or Lion, whatever he's called now) is still going strong and is currently touring the US, check out his official website here....

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Slick Rick - 'It's a Boy'
4/ 5


15 March 2014 at 11:21

Can't wait to see Ted next week...its all so Flycasual and Ted's magnificient adventure...anway well done and come on Shellhunter!!