Thursday, 20 March 2014

Smoke City - 'Underwater Love'

Musical Medicine.....a track that's like a healthy insurance payout for the soul!

Smoke City - 'Underwater Love' (1997)

Water is supposed to be a thing of beauty and power providing life for all things! At the moment I'm pretty pissed off with it! The last week has been filled with hassle and expense due to a leak in our living room ceiling. It started of as a small brown patch but grew daily. We luckily had pipe and central heating cover so called them out to have a look. Before anything was really done, the plumber refused to investigate further as due to the age of the house being in from the 70's, there was the possibility of asbestos in our artex. Great, so we had to fork out 90 quid for a guy to come in and take a scraping which took less than 5 minutes and send the sample away to the lab. Good news though, it was clear so I waited in all day for a plumber to come out on a Saturday. 3 hrs later, the 2 leaky pipes in question have been replaced but leaving a massive gaping hole in the ceiling. For the next 36 hrs water continued to drip constantly through the hole forcing us to empty out an old cat litter tray every 2 hours. The next day London Scouser had enough, There's no way that is just excess water from the original leak, there has to be another one somewhere! So, Monday was another day spent waiting for a plumber. Two more gaping holes and a couple hours later, the 3rd leaking pipe is fixed and no more water pouring through the ceiling! Then yesterday we get the delightful news from our home insurance survey....they will pay to get the ceiling fixed! Hooray!

Bloody leaking pipes....

I can't stay angry at water for long though, this time next week I will be at one with it again, scuba diving in Thailand. I can't wait! I will feel like a graceful mermaid and will be imagining this excellent song by Smoke City whilst I glide along. I fell in love with this track when I first heard it on the Levi's advert, they had a knack for picking a winner of a song every time.

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Smoke City - 'Underwater Love'
4/ 5


20 March 2014 at 18:34

i am mostly water, beer is mostly water, the sea is water, water is wet, i drink water, heavy water is dangerouse,i like water,i like chang!

20 March 2014 at 20:57

Poor you. I know only too well about the trials of both water and ceiling disasters and the old artex/asbestos dilemma. You have my sympathy. Nice little groove to this track. Enjoy your holidays!

27 March 2014 at 19:57

Pretty lamentable situation you got there. Leaks are more than just a structural damage in and of itself, as water spillage can mess up the flooring and electronics. It's really best to mend them as soon as possible, and get the most qualified service that will do so.

Dry 1st