Sunday, 2 March 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 02/03/14 - Moodymann, Barzin, The Coves, Cage The Elephant

Four tracks that Putin the dampeners on a new Cold War this week...


Shell Hunter:-
Cage The Elephant - 'Come A Little Closer' (2013)

I love the feel of this track, its make me feel like I'm driving down a desert road at dusk with the top down feeling the cooling air on my face. I have heard a few of Cage's previous songs but nothing struck a chord in me like this does. They're a 5 piece from the best named place in the US....Bowling Green, Kentucky! I assumed they were just another rock band but from what I hear, they have an everchanging and eclectic sound spanning blues, funk, rock and punk. Knowing that and liking this song as much as I do wills me to give their album from last year Melophobia a 'closer' listen!

Old Pa's Corner:-
The Coves - Let the Sun Go (2014)

Here is a track from an album from a boy girl duo the Coves  from Lemington Spa. It does not take too much to work out that they must have been brought up on doses of the Velvet Underground and washed down with a Mazzy Star dessert. This of course is not a bad thing. A very good upbringing I say. I am looking forward to some more helpings from their album Soft Friday (2014) out this month.

Moodymann - 'Lyk U Used 2' Feat Andres (2014)

I have been thoroughly enjoying Moodymann's self titled album this week all thanks to a recommendation by Gilles Peterson (regrettably not a personal one) and it's a delight of Soul, Funk and House. With a bit of Outkast's Andre 3000, a sliver of Sly Stone, a hint of Gil Scott-Heron and at times freakier than Prince, it certainly makes for a colourful and intriguing listen. But unbeknownst to me, this is DJ Kenny Dixon Jr's (aka Moodymann) 11th studio album and has been on the go since 1992. He's actually probably better known for helping create Detroit's signature House sound. For me a great discovery and album well worth your attention.

Check out Mahogani Music blog here for more info on all tings Moody...

Barzin - All the while (2014)

Apart from the impending World War, I've had a pretty good week. In particular, it has been good for music discoveries of which this is one. Barzin (Barzin Hosseini is Canadian singer/songwriter whose material has been compared with Low & Red House Painters. He has released 4 albums to date, with his latest titled "To Live Alone in That Long Summer". I've been listening it to is all week and it is really quite good - All the while reminds me of early Radiohead (The Bends) and we all know that and a little bit of Melancholy is goes well with the Sunday lunch.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 02/03/14 - Moodymann, Barzin, The Coves, Cage The Elephant
4/ 5


2 March 2014 at 19:45

SH - Corker
FC - This is fine...damn fine
OP - I like this!

They'd all get in my club

3 March 2014 at 21:35

Cage The Elephant - Really rather good. Never heard of them but glad I now have. Not cool to cage elephants, though.

The Coves - Leamington Spa a hot-bed of druggy grooves? Well I never! Pretty cool.

Moodymann - certainly a melange of stylistic influences, which is no bad thing. Nice. Wish these chaps would learn to spell, though.

Barzin - I like the sincerity in his voice, which is rarer these days than one would like. A very gentle production that I can imagine returning to.

8 March 2014 at 11:16

SH - Corker
FC - This is fine...dam fine
SFW - I like this!