Monday, 31 March 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 30/03/2014 - Real Estate, Pure X, Liars, Rihanna, Hello Caller

Five tracks that were a marriage made in heaven!

Liars - 'Mess On A Mission' (2014)
The party has been overrun, it's late, unwanted friends/your dad/the in-laws/your neighbours (sounds like a crap party anyway) have all over stayed their welcome. Solution? You play a 'Shifter', that'll get the buggers moving! 'Mess on a Mission' is a definite shifter, I love it and don't worry Liars, this really is a good thing. I was enamored with the experimental Brooklyn trio's last offering, 2012's WIXIW and Mess, their 7th album has just been released. Time to throw a bash I think.

Liars official website here....

London Scouser:-
Hello Caller - 'Harkening Darkness
Following on from my TOTW last week, I'm still in my 'Austin Phase' and have chosen Hello Caller for my latest offering. Taken from their 2012 album 'Dark Twain' this is a really pleasant track to listen along to featuring a few instruments that I like. They've got some strings, a snare and what sound like a ukulele I think... but what do I know... I used to listen to Stock, Aitken & Waterman !!! The album is definitely worth a listen to as well.

Pure X - Starlight (2014)
“Starlight” is the first single from Austin Texas' Pure X which features on their forthcoming LP, Angel.  It's jangly, psychedelic feel takes you on a musical trip that feels like you're floating on clouds.  Perfection!

Shell Hunter:-
Rihanna - 'Cheers (I'll drink to that)' (2011)
Not normally my thing but how can you deny the sentiment?! Especially when you are
at the swim up bar in Thailand and it comes on.

My track of the week for sure....

'Don't let the bastards get you down,
Turn it around with another round,
There's a party at the bar,
Everybody putcha glasses up!'

Who's for another Chang?!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Real Estate - How Might I Live (2014)
Here is a great track from Real Estate called How Might I live (2014) and is from the new album Atlas (2014). Just fantastic pure pop, exactly what it says on the tin. Nothing more nothing less. It is just class. I have to say they remind me so much of the fabulous Teenage Fanclub. It is about time we heard from them too. I have been listening to this album quite a lot over the past couple of weeks. Great stuff, great stuff to get you humming along. Give it a go you may be pleasantly surprised.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 30/03/2014 - Real Estate, Pure X, Liars, Rihanna, Hello Caller
4/ 5


31 March 2014 at 12:11

FC - This has echoes of Hamburg Disco - I don't know how that makes me feel. Get the Gas Mask & PVC
LS - Nice
SH - I cannot comment
OP - Bloody Brilliant

1 April 2014 at 07:47

Liars - kind of Euro-Disco meets Post-Punk. I like this and was dancing around the kitchen to it when doing the washing up the other day. Always a good sign.

Pure X - dreamy, man. Harmonies remind me of America (the band, not the country - never been).

11 April 2014 at 12:05

FC - a shifter!
LS - i like this one
SFW - nice and dreamy
SH - i'll drink to that

14 April 2014 at 18:52

Two Austin tracks...

LS, this is brilliant, instantly hooked. What's the rest of the album like?

Sfw, another corker.

SH, not a bad song if truth be told but I'd probably be all over this with 5 Changs down me as opposed to being on the M25, resenting the fact that I have to go to work.

Old Pa, short but sweet, like you said...pop perfection. Didn't Teenage Fanclub release an album last year?