Tuesday, 25 March 2014

TWO FOR THE MONEY - T.REX - Mambo Sun/Ride a White Swan


New friends to be made!

 T.REX - Mambo Sun
Hey! I am on vacation for 3 weeks, 1 week in the UK on either side of two weeks in Thailand. If you do not hear from me, don't dispair, at least you know where I am. To keep you going here are two track from T.REX.

The second one in particular means a lot to me. I was leaving from East Kilbride in Scotland to go and live in London as young strippling of a lad, I was 21. I received a little collection from work and bought All Things Must Pass by George Harrison and Elton John's first album. With the change I bought Ride a White Swan which was the break through single before they hit the 'stratocastor'. Brilliant single. Briiliant memory.

The second choice is Mambo Sun from the Electric Warrior album. Not only is it one of my favourite T.REX songs, it is when my new girl friend (now Old Ma) and I, had a meeting of musical minds (it does not happen very often) she bought the album. (saved me doing it) T.REX at their very very best.

'I got stars in my beard
and I feel real weird'

Now thats poetry!  Englands greatest dead poet!  'I said that!' 

Lucky Old Pa I hear you say!
T.REX - Ride a White Swan 


'Lucky Old Pa!  My Arse'  you would have heard me say!

I have had to cancel my Holiday due to a possible infection on my toe, a day and a half to go before departure. (case already packed). I wont go into the gory, but as I have diabetes (controlled) I was given a course of strong Antibiotics and have to see the Doctor after the course. A date after we were sheduled to depart for Thailand.

Can't take any chances with theses things...so here I am stuck in Sunny Spain. I am going to loose most of what I paid out. Oh! and with Old Ma's mini costing 700 euros last week. Well you can't win 'em all.

But in all reality,  I am better off than a pig on its way to the abattoir or a brave squaddy about to step on an IED or a child in India abducted and torn from her parents and put into prostituton...or....or....

What have I got to worry about??? 

Seriously folks, no big deal...Over there I might have contacted HIV (immaculate conception) or imbola virus...or liver failure....or complete freak out!!! 

but that's not me!

Have a great time Shellhunter and London Scouser. I wish I was there with you to share a family bucket of Chang. 
There is only 4 left, get another family bucket in!

More Footnotes next week!! 

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TWO FOR THE MONEY - T.REX - Mambo Sun/Ride a White Swan
4/ 5


25 March 2014 at 19:10

Sorry about your holiday plans going wrong, sir. Two utterly wonderful tunes from the great man. Love everything he ever did. Get better soon.

25 March 2014 at 19:16

Sorry to hear about you holiday woes Old Pa, but better to be safe than sorry - your doctor knows best. You'll have to treat us to some bonus posts instead - whatever happened to part 2 of the ultimate diet, did I miss it?
Top tunes, needless to say.

25 March 2014 at 21:14

TS/SB...thanks guys...as I said it could be worse, I could be an orangatan and they stole my forrest.
TS...watch out for the ultimate diet...the incredible srinking man...coming here soon...

25 March 2014 at 22:19

So sorry to hear about that too, Old Pa. Best laid plans... but better to be safe than sorry as TS says,
with home comforts around you (and a blog to keep updated!)