Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dirty Beaches - 'True Blue' / Seven Davis JR - 'One'

Musical Medicine...Two musical tummy rubs for your soul

A very shitty few weeks at work requires a double dose of Musical Medicine.

True love, oh baby!

Dirty Beaches - 'True Blue' (2010)

So first up is some bizarre psychoactive Rockabilly courtesy of Dirty Beaches, a one man band from Canada. When I first heard it last week, I thought there was something seriously wrong with the stereo but then I got used to it and I was hypnotized, so good in fact that I got hold of his back catalogue in case of further outbreak of the working man blues. 'True Blue' is taken from his 2011 Badlands album (click here to listen to it on Spotify).

Seven Davis JR....not a fan of Call of Duty

Seven Davis JR - 'One' (2013)

And second up is an awesomely relentless dance groove from Houston's DJ/Producer, Seven Davis Jr, taken from his 2013's One EP. Check his Soundcloud page for some more hip thrusting goodness.

I'm feeling better already.....Just a couple of gems unearthed on the Ninja Tunes records Staff Playlist last week. A Boba Fett nod of approval goes out to y'all and if you need some further Musical Medicine then may I prescribe some more for you certainly worked for us!

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Dirty Beaches - 'True Blue' / Seven Davis JR - 'One'
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