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Madonna - 'I Want You'


I've slept with a pop star...

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Madonna (with Massive Attack)- 'I Want You' (1995)

Now that I've got your attention I'll explain myself... When Madonna first came to my attention with 'Like A Virgin' and 'Material Girl' I wasn't impressed. My older brother however was a big fan and bought the album and both singles if memory serves me. I finally saw sense when she released her follow up album 'True Blue' and overnight I became the worlds biggest Madonna fan. Or at least Feltham's I'm sure. I managed to persuade my Mum to buy me the duvet set of the True Blue album sleeve... And give or a take a few nights when it was being washed I slept with Madonna for pretty much 5 or six years. I bought everything she released, tapes, then CD's. Video's then DVD's. I bought all of her films, even the really bad quality naff porno she made before hitting it big. And I'm here to admit that I really enjoyed the 'Who's That Girl' film. Sod it, I even liked 'Shanghai Surprise' !!! It feels good to say that out loud, as I've been holding it in for too many years. I bought her book 'Sex' from that most rock and roll of places... WH Smith's in Hounslow. I've seen her live at Wembley Stadium twice also. I wonder how much money I've devoted to my obsession with Ms Ciccone over the years ??? Quite a bit, and yet my favourite item wasn't bought by me... Thanks Mum.

Similar to mine, but Mum always ironed it !!
I love this version of the classic 'Marvin Gaye' song which featured on her 1995 compilation album 'Something To Remember' the collaboration with 'Massive Attack' is haunting and sexy all at the same time.
I've decided to add my favourite track from 'True Blue' as a bonus for you, it was the song that probably wore out the rewind mechanism on my walkman back in the day after I would listen over and over under the duvet (in case my mum saw I wasn't sleeping and would have a go). 'Where's The Party' was never released as a single but there was a great remix of it on her 'You Can Dance' compilation album. That's the version here... Enjoy like I did and still do

NERD ALERT! - On Madonna's first world tour, she was supported by 'The Beastie Boys'

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For all of you that like the original's here is Marvin Gaye's from 1976

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Madonna - 'I Want You'
4/ 5