Wednesday, 16 April 2014

TWO FOR THE MONEY - Gram Parsons - Streets of Baltimore/We'll Sweep out the Ashes


A loaded Shell Hunter and London Scouser, a hidden Old Pa!

GRAM PARSONS - Streets of Baltimore

Last week of my Thailand adventure with Shell Hunter and London Scouser. I hope there will be some stories to tell and will be dissapointed if there are not. I am sure it will be great to return and get things back  to normal and catch up with all the music I have missed when a way.

I will also see my 3 dogs and two parrots. I hope they have not forgotton about me. I bet they have. It is funny how they rush to Old Ma all the time... 

I don't exist..

even in a dogs world!.

I must be more calm and  assertive

Here are two great tracks from Gram Parson's first solo album GP. This is some of the best country I have ever heard and this album is up there with Kris Kristoffersons first two albums.  Oh! what a shame that Gram was taken from us so young.

You must recognise the backing singer.  Of course it is a very young  Emmylou Harris, who went onto change her hair style a few times and turned out some pretty good stuff on the way,
GRAM PARSONS - We'll Sweep out The Ashes in the Morning 


You all must be getting fed up of all these bloody footnotes. I am!

'You did not go on Holiday. Deal with it and move on'  I hear you all say!.

'Slow down!  I moved on 3 weeks ago, where have you been?.'

Not going on Holiday I could loose about £1,300 if I get all back what is promised to me. If the Insurance Company pay up, I will get it all back. I am not holding my breath as I do not trust any Insurance Company, as they will find a way out of not paying. To be honest I have written it off and if I do get it well I will celebrate then.

It is a bit like Deal or no Deal.(what's Deal or no Deal).  You have all these people who come on the show with big dreams and are full of what they will do with 'their winnings'. They start of smiling and happy, fully expecting their dreams to come true. If they loose they break down. They don't understand!  Oh! I do love that part.

Don't they realise the game is like life or a game of cards. You can only play with what is dealt to you or however the game pans out.

You have to play with what you get and make the most of that. If it is your day you win. If it is not you loose. Be prepared to take your best option.

Ask me Noel! what I will do with the money after I win. 

If I loose, well there is always box 23.

Ooooh! I think I have been spanked by the Banker!

I am an OHO! I am an OHO! I am an OHO!

By for now Pilgrims.   

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TWO FOR THE MONEY - Gram Parsons - Streets of Baltimore/We'll Sweep out the Ashes
4/ 5


16 April 2014 at 09:12

Simply magnificent tunes. 'We'll Sweep out The Ashes in the Morning' was my musical introduction to Gram 'back in the day'. I initially checked him out after I reading an interview with Elvis Costello where he raved about him.
Hope you get the money back Old Pa and I trust your toe is back to full fitness now?

16 April 2014 at 20:48

Gram Parsons = country-rock perfection. Take it easy, OP.