Thursday, 5 June 2014

DYLAN COVERS # 151 The Triffids/Jeff Lee Johnson - I am a Lonesome Hobo

A Lonesome Triffid?

THE TRIFFIDS - I am a Lonesome Hobo (2008)

Here are two different takes of I am a Lonesome Hobo from John Wesley Harding. I bought that album the day it was released in 1967 and I did not even have a record player. I just had to have it. I got a copy made immediately on my trusty old  reel to reel. On that trusty reel to reel I have Dylan at the BBC, which I watched in wonder way back in 1965. Its in a box in a garage and it is a direct copy from an old speaker my father had.

The first one is by Aussie favourites The Triffids and can be found on  their album release Treeless Plain (2008).

The second take is from one of the best Dylan Tribue Albums I have heard for some time by a a guy called Jef Lee Johnson from his album the Zimmerman Shadows (2009). This is an album worth checking out, there is some great guitar work going on and this is a pretty tasty version. 

Jef wins!
JEF LEE JOHNSON - I am a Lonesome Hobo (2009)

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DYLAN COVERS # 151 The Triffids/Jeff Lee Johnson - I am a Lonesome Hobo
4/ 5


5 June 2014 at 19:46

Never heard of Jef Lee Johnson, but enjoyed his version - it got better the longer it went on. Ah, but you know how I feel about The Triffids. I saw them perform this live on several occasions and it got really intense at times. Love this interpretation. Love this band. We still miss you David.