Monday, 9 June 2014

Oasis - 'Stand By Me'

 Musical Medicine.....a track that let's you reminisce about the olden days

Noel on his way to the bank for some change, definitely maybe

Oasis - 'Stand By Me' (1997)

If I had a bucket list, I'd have a few things ticked off by now. Some of those include... Going to Madison Square Gardens and watching live Ice Hockey #letsgorangers. Sleeping with a pop star (see previous post). Learning to Scuba dive...
Back in 1997 I also was able to cross one off of the list. Oasis back were huger than huge... They mahoosive, and word got around that they were filming the video for an upcoming song in my hometown of Feltham. These words were true as they used many of the closed down/boarded up shops in the town centre as mock shops for the video of Stand By Me... Now you cover afficionados might make the mistake that I did in thinking this was a Britpop version of Ben E King's classic, but no, it's the Gallagher's through and through.
On the days that they were filming, I was hard at work slaving away behind the counter of a well known High Street Bank. And if I'm honest you can't actually see me in the video, but at 00:24 the Bank is clearly shown and I was in the Bank. Ergo I was in the video... I rest my case

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Oasis - 'Stand By Me'
4/ 5