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Sonzeira - Brazil Bam Bam Bam

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Sonzeira - 'Brasil Pandeiro' (2014)

"Got, got, need, got...ooh I need that shiny! Swap you Letchkov and Ivanov for it". Yup, despite Scotland not being in it (again), I'm really excited about the World Cup. So much so that I've used my 5 year old son to justify reliving my youth by collecting the Panini sticker book (thanks London Scouser).

Ivanov and Lechkov...the oldest 21 years olds in the world!

The first World Cup I remember and the one that ultimately captured my imagination was Spain 82', Paolo Rossi, The Kuwaitis walking off, the France vs Germany semi final and the best Brazilian team to never win it! Unfortunately, through the fault of Old Pa, my allegiance is with Scotland so it was a baptism of fire when I saw them take on the might of Zico, Socrates, Falcao and co. Scot defender, David Narey, scored a screamer to make it 1-0 but that was akin to just pulling on the lion's tail as the Selecao mauled us 4-1 and so a life time of pain and hurt began.

I even bought some official World Cup pants from Lidl...notice XL!

Despite the controversy, the pacification of the Flavelas, the safety for it's construction workers and the millions perhaps not being spent on areas where the country actually needs it, this World Cup promises to be spectacular. There's nothing quite like the World Cup that brings the planet together. I'm sure most are secretly happy Brazil are hosting the World Cup and for 90 minutes at least, whilst their team plays, the rioters will be glued to their TV sets. England invented the game but Brazil is it's spiritual home, the flair, the passion, the thongs and of course the music! Brazil must win to make it all worthwhile and to avenge their personal disaster for losing the 1950 final against Uruguay in front of almost 200,000 at the Maracana. No pressure then.

There'll be a plethora of Brazillian playlists and CD'd cashing in on the World Cup. "Best Brazil Album in the World...ever" etc. You want authenticity? Look no further than Gilles Peterson's Sonzeira Brazil Bam Bam Bam.

It was a real labour of love for Gilles as he spent considerable time based in Rio, putting together a super group of all the top brass of Brazilian music, old and new and forming Sonzeira. He wanted it to be his 'Buena Vista Social Club' and it's a fantastic album, really capturing the many forms of Brazilian music of which I've only scratch the surface of. But I love the music, that usual British reserve dissipates as the rhythms, the sultry vocals wash over you, you can feel the heat. World Cup or not, it's also a great summer record and definitely one to sip a Caipirinha in your speedos to whilst lounging in the garden.

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Sonzeira - Brazil Bam Bam Bam
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