Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Beach Boys - 'Sloop John B'

Saturday Night Jukebox....
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The Welsh Contingent

The Beach Boys - 'Sloop John B' (1966)

Part 2.....

The storm soon subsided and we were again on our way, but this guy was relentless. The fishermen on board caught a load of live lobsters and had put them into barrels on board. This guy pulled one out of the barrel by it's antennae and started trying to chase the squeamish women around, shoving it in their faces. It was then I noticed the Welsh contingent. Surely I'd seen their flags earlier? A couple of the guys were noticeably scowling but did nothing...yet.

In the meantime, we had a little bit of reprise in the form of stopping at a small deserted island. Pure white sand, beautiful green palm trees swaying in the now calm wind. Everyone piled into the water and oooeh and aaaahed about the picturesque beach whilst practically fighting to get a space. It wasn't even five minutes when all you could hear was shrieking and saw holiday makers scattering the beach in panic! The rain storm had awoken a sleeping giant on the island.....a huge swarm of mosquitoes! We all ran as fast as we could back to the boat. I never pictured paradise full of mossies!!

On approach of the dock, the second German guy in the group was staggering along and didn't gauge where the toilet door was, bearing in mind on the catamaran it's on the floor! He fell so awkwardly through it with legs sticking up in the air, we thought he'd broken a few bones!

Everyone got off the boat with this German guy and his mates still singing and shouting their heads off and walked to the coach. I was already inside looking down in perfect timing to see one of the welsh lads punch him square in the nose and shout, 'your walking home boyo!' Everyone on the bus cheered! We didn't see any of these German guys again for the rest of the holiday, until we were on our flight home. The main guy sat a couple rows in front of us very subdued and very quiet!

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The Beach Boys - 'Sloop John B'
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15 September 2014 at 13:51

Weird video! Poor Germans, should know better than to mess with the Welsh!