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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 08/06/14 - Swans, All We Are, Eno/Hyde, Parquet Courts, Lana Del Rey

Five tracks used to return to Normandy.....

Swans - 'A Little God In My Hands' (2014)

I keep whining about how little time I have for all things musical at the moment but I was as delighted as a chimp with a fresh batch of poo to throw when I finally got round to listening to a recent playlist. Amongst the tracks giving me a much needed aural massage was the Swans' 'A Little God In My Hands', the lead single from the latest album, To Be Kind out last month. Freakish funk with a stomping beat, it's a brilliant track just on the right side of weird, like me. Despite being around in the 80s, I know very little about the New York band and To Be Kind is in fact their 13th studio album after a 13 year hiatus. Better late to the party than never.

Swan over to their official site here....

All We Are - Feel Safe (2014)

Some tracks can get to you instantly. With its slinky riff, disco feel and infectious groove, it wouldn't go amiss in Studio 54 - which is probably a good thing for All We Are as they describe their sound as "the Bees Gees on diazepam".  This Liverpool-based three-piece are made up of a Norwegian, an Irishman and a Brazilian, met at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA).  They are performing at a number of festivals this year, including Glastonbury, Green Man and End of the Road.   

Old Pa's Corner:-
Parquet Courts - Black and White (2014)
Continuing on our journey towards the Latitude Festival in July here is a track from another group featured in the line up there it is Parquet Courts. This track Black and White is from their new album  Sunbathing Animal (2014).

These guys have been mentioned in the same breath as Pavement, The Strokes and even the Velvet Underground. That is some list and you can be assured Old Pa will be in the queue to check them out live.

They were featured in an earlirer post by Flycasual . Check out here.

Shell Hunter:-
Lana Del Rey - 'West Coast' (2014)

What can make Lana Del Rey's (or the princess of pout as I like to call her) new album even better? How about the fact that it was produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach? Surely that is a recipe for success. This track taken from new album Ultraviolence which is out on 16th June is just what you'd expect from LDR, it's dark, moody, sexy and sultry. It's got that dusty desolate desert feel and I'm sure her album will be bursting at the seams with jewels like this.

London Scouser:-
Eno/Hyde - 'Witness' (2014)
A few weeks back I came home from a late shift and thanks to Old Ma who told me that Kasabian were on Jools Holland, I had something to watch. I'll admit that I don't always watch the show but this particular week I enjoyed most of what I heard. Having missed the start of the show I didn't know who was on and at one point Jools was speaking with a couple of guys at a table, as he does. I figured out that one of them was Brian Eno, but I couldn't figure out who the other was. Shortly after it came to me... The screen showed - 'Eno/Hyde - Witness' and as soon as I heard the voice I recognised the 'Hyde' as Karl Hyde, of Underworld fame. This song is from the album 'Someday World' which was released on May 5th this year. They are releasing a follow up album in June as well.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 08/06/14 - Swans, All We Are, Eno/Hyde, Parquet Courts, Lana Del Rey
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8 June 2014 at 11:43

Flycasual. This is great. Like you, I've only got a passing acquaintance with his work, but, based on this, I need to investigate further. Sounds like Michael Gira is familiar with the first few Public Images albums, which is no bad thing of course.

Sfw. Nice. The shuffling beat is the perfect pace for this heat.

Old Pa. I love this band. They do absolutely nothing original, but what they do, they do fantastically well. 'Sunbathing Animal' is among my favourite LP's so far this year. I'll be standing out in my back garden when they are onstage at Latitude, hoping the sound travels in from the coast as well as it's done for the past couple of years.

Shell Hunter. I don't know too much about LDR, this is pretty good though.

London Scouser. I checked out the Eno & Hyde LP on its release and was singularly unimpressed, but, luckily, I stuck with it. It's a grower I tells ya! Great to see Eno getting involved with actual songs again. I loved all his early solo albums and I'm really getting to like this one a lot too.